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Pipeworks Software, Inc.



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PS3, Wii

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11/18/10 Majesco
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11/26/10 505 Games

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Unlockable:How to unlock:
Addicted to Zumba! (50)Dance Online with 100 Different People
Afterglow (30)Achieve a Score of 500 or Higher in an offline, single-player game
Alpha Beto Capper (30)Complete all 45 Minute Expert Classes (5 Total)
Are you Ready? (10)Complete all Beginner Classes on the Punchcard (2 Total)
Awe-Inspiring! (40)Complete 50 Workouts
Bellydance Bump (10)Complete all Belly Dance Tutorials
Beto Shuffler (30)Complete Zumbathon® Class on Medium Difficulty
Calypso Cruisin' (10)Complete all Calypso Tutorials
Cardio Companions (10)Host 10 Online Classes and Complete the Workouts
Challenge Champ (20)Win a Zumba Attack
Club Hopper (10)Achieve Full Stage Progression in Nightclub
Cumbia Crackin' (10)Complete all Cumbia Tutorials
Dance Dance Dance (20)Join 10 Online Classes and Complete the Workouts
Drastic Dancer (20)Achieve 20 Consecutive "Feeling the Music" Moves
Energizing! (30)Complete 25 Workouts
Everybody Dance Now (10)Host 10 Online Single Routines and Complete the Routines
Exhilarating! (20)Complete 10 Workouts
Feel the Heat! (20)Complete all Expert Classes on the Punchcard (4 Total)
Getting Hooked Up (10)Join 10 Online Single Routines and Complete the Routines
Goals Tender (10)Customize a Calendar Day
Great Start! (10)Complete 5 Workouts
Headliner (10)Achieve Full Stage Progression in Stadium
Instructor in Training (10)Host an Online Class and Complete the Workout
Join the Party! (10)Achieve 10 Consecutive "Hearing the Music" Moves
Master Jammer (20)Unlock Zumbathon® Class
Master Jammer Extreme (20)Complete Zumbathon® Class on Easy Difficulty
Merengue Master (10)Complete all Merengue Tutorials
Mind-blowing Moves (30)Complete all Single Routines (30 Total)
Net Workout (10)Dance Online with 20 Different People
Party Pro (20)Win a 2P vs 2P Workout
Personal Time (10)Save a Customized Recurring Week
Reggaeton Rouser (10)Complete all Reggaeton Tutorials
Salsa Sizzle (10)Complete all Salsa Tutorials
Sky Dancer (10)Unlock the Rooftop Venue
Skyscraper (10)Achieve Full Stage Progression in Rooftop
Steel Time (10)Unlock the Factory Venue
Super Stardom (10)Unlock the Stadium Venue
Warmup Session (30)Complete all 20 Minute Classes (8 Total: 2 Beg, 3 Int, 3 Exp)
You're a Machine (10)Achieve Full Stage Progression in Factory
You're Hooked! (50)Complete 100 Workouts
Zumba Enthusiast (20)Complete Workouts 5 Days in a Row
Zumba Fanatic (30)Complete Workouts 10 Days in a Row
Zumba Hero (30)Complete all 45 Minute Intermediate Classes (6 Total)
Zumba Maniac (10)Join an Online Class and... 

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 28,465 n/a 4,253 32,718
2 n/a 17,905 2,073 2,985 22,963
3 n/a 12,472 2,646 2,259 17,377
4 n/a 17,702 2,433 3,009 23,144
5 n/a 30,434 3,274 5,037 38,745
6 n/a 57,607 4,298 9,250 71,155
7 n/a 39,555 4,240 6,545 50,340
8 n/a 10,565 5,199 2,356 18,120
9 n/a 10,482 5,179 2,340 18,001
10 n/a 14,723 5,754 3,060 23,537

Opinion (5)

Barozi posted 12/06/2012, 03:31
In case ioi missed the news:

About 2 million overtracked here.
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oniyide posted 09/07/2011, 12:35
its released because these games are cheap to make and every little bit helps
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primogen18 posted 28/01/2011, 03:55
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primogen18 posted 28/01/2011, 03:55
I don't even know why they released this for the PS3. Movie has neither Wii's experience or Kinect's actual inovation in terms of motion controls.
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Fabius posted 27/01/2011, 04:13
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