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America - Front

America - Back

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People Can Fly



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All, PC, PS3

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02/22/11 Electronic Arts
02/24/11 Electronic Arts
02/25/11 Electronic Arts

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Infinite Skill Points

Note: This is very time consuming as it only allows you to get 500 points for every 1-2 minutes of play. You can probably get more points by killing the enemies normally, but this trick is available if you want to stock up on ammo, or fully upgrade one or two of your weapons.

Shortly after you and Trishka seperate from Ishi on your way to meet the General, you will come to an area where you will find a newsbot, a dropkit and a metal sliding door that you have to open. The door leads out to a street with a bus that you need to leash into a gap to cross. Continue fighting until you get to a point where the Mechaton's tail smashes a barrier allowing you to continue by hopping over a cement barrier. Walk up to that barrier, but do not hop over as you will not be able to get back. When Trishka is standing next to you by the barrier, you then run back to the dropkit in the room and the newsbot should have respawned. As you are running back to the room you will see the game pause for a split second with the loading symbol (rotating circle of dots) in the bottom right corner of the screen just before you cross over the bus. If you dont see this, go back to the barrier and let Trishka catch up to you. If done successfully, the newsbot will respawn indefinitely, giving you unlimited Skill Points at 500 points a kill. All you have to do after killing the respawned newsbot is to return to the cement barrier and allow Trishka to catch up to you, she has to come to a stop next to you or the bot wont respawn.

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Total Sales
1 1,874 220,512 90,293 46,442 359,121
2 731 73,696 41,625 17,232 133,284
3 368 48,705 19,427 10,181 78,681
4 286 22,667 13,029 5,334 41,316
5 265 10,622 8,462 2,851 22,200
6 235 5,971 5,400 1,699 13,305
7 208 4,464 7,307 1,759 13,738
8 165 3,476 10,088 2,026 15,755
9 149 2,359 9,406 1,757 13,671
10 164 1,950 4,187 917 7,218

Opinion (66)

T.Rexington posted 23/05/2012, 05:31
At the very least this game seems destined to push a million on the 360. I personally loved this game. Gameplay was as brilliant as it was original, the dialogue was fantastic to me personally, and I really liked how they handled the character development. Never finished it though because I had to return it blockbuster. Might try and give it a legitimate buy over the weekend. Shame that this will more than likely never get a sequel. Great groundwork there to develop on.
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Mr Puggsly posted 23/01/2012, 07:09
@ reviniente - Well the campaign drags on. The dialogue is annoying. Multiplayer is boring. Uhhh... its just a disappointing title. Stupid games like this often get lost in the fold. While more serious games dominate the charts.
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reviniente posted 27/11/2011, 05:22
I'll never understand why this game didn't sell more. It's just too much fun.
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yo_john117 posted 24/09/2011, 09:08
Pretty decent game. Couldn't really get into it though.
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Mr Puggsly posted 11/09/2011, 05:09
This game really needed better multiplayer. Its pretty much essential to have a hit shooter.
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SanAndreasX posted 31/08/2011, 07:44
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