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08/13/91 Nintendo
11/21/90 Nintendo
04/11/92 Nintendo

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Owners: 853
Favorite: 103
Tracked: 6
Wishlist: 4
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Game Genie Cheat Codes
These codes are for the Game Genie, you can also use the Pro Action Replay but they will need to be converted (I will not explain that here, go search for it)
Code Effect
DDB4-6F07 Start with 1 life
D6B4-6F07 Start with 9 lives
D3B4-6F07 Start with 15 lives
F6B4-6F07 Start with 25 lives
7FB4-6F07 Start with 50 lives
14B4-6F07 Start with 99 lives
C222-D4DD Unlimited lives
3322-D4DD Gain a life when you die
3E2C-AF6F Unlimited jumps
D02C-AF6F Low Jump
D42C-AF6F Super Jump
DF2C-AF6F Mega Jump
DFCE-64A0 Little Yoshi grows to big Yoshi by eating 1 enemy
D4CE-64A0 Little Yoshi grows to big Yoshi by eating 2 enemies
D7CE-64A0 Little Yoshi grows to big Yoshi by eating 3 enemies
D0CE-64A0 Little Yoshi grows to big Yoshi by eating 4 enemies
CBED-6DDF Stay as Super Mario, Cape Mario, or Fire Mario after being hit
CB28-DF6D Stay as Super Mario, Cape Mario, or Fire Mario after falling
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20,610,000 Units

Opinion (58)

Mr Puggsly posted 15/10/2019, 06:52
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AZWification posted 02/07/2013, 09:20
A MASTERPIECE. Best 2D game ever created. The amount of secrets you can discover is just amazing. A masterpiece.
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acdcste posted 06/12/2012, 01:37
In my personal opinion, this, along with final fantasy 7 are the two finest games ever made.
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S.Peelman posted 12/08/2012, 03:15
Actually find this one of the lesser 2D Mario's. Okay, it's legacy is undebatable, but I found Yoshi's Island to be way superior in every way.
Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3 are also better. Even New Super Mario Bros. has given me more fun. But I'm more a 3D Mario guy anyway.
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Hibern81 posted 23/06/2012, 07:53
I remember the first time I played this one! The graphics blew me away!
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Mordred11 posted 17/09/2011, 03:06
love this game!
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