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06/07/11 Sony Computer Entertainment
07/07/11 Sony Computer Entertainment
06/10/11 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Infamous 1 Bonuses
You have the option of importing the trophy data from Infamous 1 when you start Infamous 2. Doing so will give you some extra bonuses upon starting a new game.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Complete Infamous 1 Start with 1,000 XP
Max Good Karma Start at Guardian rank in Infamous 2
Max Evil Karma Start at Thug rank in Infamous 2
25% of Blast Shards Start with one extra Battery Core in Infamous 2
50% Blast Shards Start with two extra Battery Cores in Infamous 2
Various Good/Evil trophies Some extra dialog during missions/Dead Drops
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 208,258 58,695 50,684 317,637
2 n/a 68,706 37,755 22,851 129,312
3 n/a 29,085 22,590 11,876 63,551
4 n/a 19,355 15,602 8,093 43,050
5 32,942 11,980 12,380 5,917 63,219
6 8,437 16,569 10,246 5,891 41,143
7 5,988 14,129 8,095 4,809 33,021
8 3,422 13,208 7,770 4,564 28,964
9 2,310 8,933 6,109 3,371 20,723
10 2,078 5,783 5,498 2,697 16,056

Opinion (226)

Mr Puggsly posted 31/05/2014, 12:15
Just got around to finishing this game. Not bad, much better than the first.

Now I'll play Second Son... several years from now.
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Dallinor posted 31/03/2014, 03:58
According to Vgchartz, InFamous (the orginal) has sold more copies in the last 2 years than this. Despite being 2 years older. 25k vs 14k in 2014. What?
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drakesfortune posted 14/01/2014, 03:07
Such a shame this didn't do better. IMO this was overlooked because it was a PS3 exclusive. At least in the US. I never understood how done a lot of the critics were on this. Seemed like they were ambivalent about it because it wasn't on their platform of choice. I've played most of the console exclusives on the PS3 and 360, and for me, this is one of the best games of the generation. It'd for sure be in my top 10. What got me is how those guys would gush about crackdown, and then ignore this game. Crackdown was fun, I enjoyed the heck out of it too, but this game is much deeper, with more powers, and a much better story, better graphics, and so on. I get that Crackdown was fun because of the jumping mechanic getting so absurd, but Infamous does what Crackdown did far better in every other way.
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PlayMatt posted 28/09/2013, 08:37
PlayStation Plus did really hurt these games sales!
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-girgosz- posted 22/06/2013, 01:54
nikosx: VGC pretty much states it's not right: Note, data for this region is incomplete.
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nikosx posted 29/05/2013, 12:48
Europe sales can't be right. No way it sold less in Europe than in "Rest of the World".
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