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11/23/06 Nintendo
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Quizz Mode
In order to unlock the Quizz Mode, available in the main menu, simple complete the story mode.
Champion Ranking
Clear Point, Elimination and J-Star Ranking in J-Arena.
Unlock Pre-made decks
To unlock pre-made decks play through all the J-Ranking modes.
Clear Point, Elimination, J-Star and Champion Rankings in the J-Arena.

Unlocking battle characters

AllenUnlock when you collect more stars than your opponent before the time runs out on the first mission
ZoroGet the most points on the first mission on the One Piece planet
SanjiCollect more stars than your opponent before the time runs out on the second One Piece mission
Namicollect 30 coins In one piece on the third mission
Gonget the most points to win on the first mission in Hunter x Hunter
KilluaGet 4 points more than your opponent in the first mission in Hunter x Hunter
TrainCollect more stars than your opponent before the time runs out in the first mission in Black Cat
GohanClear the stage in 30 seconds or less in the second mission of DBZ
VegetaNever use special attacks in Mission two of DBZ
PiccoloCollect All 7 dragon balls on the third mission of DBZ
SeiyaGet the most points to win on the first mission os Saint Seiya
KakashiKO at least 2 opponents with a special attack in mission 2 of Naruto
SakuraFinish mission 3 of Naruto with full health
KenshinKO with at least 3X attacks on the first mission of Rurouni Kenshin
Don patchAvoid being hit for at least 2 minutes in the 2 mission of bo-bobo
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1 162,500 n/a n/a 162,500
2 73,201 n/a n/a 73,201
3 62,775 n/a n/a 62,775
4 71,028 n/a n/a 71,028
5 142,938 n/a n/a 142,938
6 37,482 n/a n/a 37,482
7 65,529 n/a n/a 65,529
8 18,657 n/a n/a 18,657
9 10,268 n/a n/a 10,268
10 9,662 n/a n/a 9,662

Opinion (13)

spurgeonryan posted 18/06/2011, 05:20
kid just got this.
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kleen posted 18/12/2010, 09:21
Saw this game a pawn shop for 30 so decided to get it. Too bad i cant read anything. :)
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pokeclaudel posted 25/01/2010, 11:52
This is the first game I ever imported. Best fighting game on ds period.
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Samara360 posted 02/12/2009, 05:48
One of the best games I have ever played + it is a gift from heaven for anime fans
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Phoenix_Wiight posted 06/12/2008, 06:47
@ Baddman

ebay, import it :)
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Baddman posted 12/11/2008, 06:29
how do i get this game? i want this game!
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