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Times Square Opera House Fight Guide

Times Square Opera House Fight Guide

  1. Fight Info
  2. Enemies
  3. Weapon Upgrades
  4. Strategies

1. Fight Info

One of the trickier fights in Times Square can be the large fight at the opera house.  There’s a lot going on for the player and it can often be confusing.  If the player isn’t paying attention they can quickly become overwhelmed but with a little bit of a strategy this one should be a no brainer.

If you’re playing on Experienced, this should be a slightly challenging fight that might cause you some grief but if you’re playing on Professional, some life saver tips follow.

2. Enemies

Taken from Tobin’s Spirit Guide, here are the descriptions for the three enemies found in this fight.

Name: Opera Diva Ghost
Class: Class IV Full-Roaming Phantom
Desc: In the popular and long-running Broadway adaptation of Wagner's epic
opera cycle: 'RING!' Brunhilde was sung by world-renowned soprano Carlotta Caprizzi in her most famous role. The entire cast was killed when, in a burst of thunderous applause near the end of Carlotta's aria, the old and structurally questionable stage collapsed underneath them.

These fat ladies never finished singing.

Name: Hobo Ghost
Class: Class V Free Roaming Vapor
Desc: The big city can take a toll on people, especially those on the fringes of society, and New York is no exception. Many of its wanderers and outcasts have met unfortunate ends and some of those still remain, attempting to extend those unfortunate ends to others.

Name: Stone Gargoyle
Class: Class VI Kinetic Animator
Desc: Created when normal, stone gargoyles are inhabited by powerful, ghostworld entities, these Class VI Kinetic Animators possess all the inherent strength of their original stone fortified by a large dose of PK energy. Stone Gargoyles are strong and dangerous but also susceptible to taking impact damage. All Class VI creatures are openly hostile to humanity and great care must be made when dealing with them to minimize the risk of innocent lives.

3. Weapon Upgrades

By this point in the game you should have these weapon upgrades.  They aren’t required but they will make this fight and the game much easier, especially on professional difficulty.  There are other upgrades available to you but these are the only two really important ones at this point.

Name: Blast Stream Recoil Decrease
Category: Proton
Upgrade: Removes Movement Restrictions
Desc: Increasing the pack's number of nucleon jackets as well as adding a second proton buffer reduces the Proton Stream's negative energy kick back allowing the user to move more quickly while firing his weapons.
Note: Smoking emitter coils are considered normal and should not cause undue concern.

This upgrade is an important one because it allows to move at regular speed while firing.  This will allow you to easily move out of the way of harmful area of effect attacks and stay alive longer.

Name: Boson Dart Supercharge
Category: Proton
Upgrade: Heat Cost Reduction and Damage Increase
Desc: It has been discovered that the addition of a fermion absorption ring to the Proton Pack's Neutrona Wand substantially reduces boson particle overheating allowing more Boson Darts to be fired before causing pack shutdown. Boson Dart impact damage is also increased. Also, accidental Neutrona Wand blockage vaporization damage is reduced to only 1 mile!

Buying this will allow you to fire several Boson Darts without overheating your pack.  Overheating your pack is always a bad idea because it takes much more time to vent from over heating than just manually venting your pack.  In fact, if you’re ever not firing your equipment, you should be venting.

4. Strategies

This fight starts off with two Opera Ghosts attacking the player.  These may look bad, but by themselves they are actually quite easy.  The problem comes in later in the fight when hobos and gargoyles start appearing.

While playing, this is the order you should deal with the present enemies:

  1. Gargoyles – these can quickly and easily be killed.  If left alive they will make this fight incredibly hard but if you take a little advice from Winston and grab them and slam them, they’re simple.  The moment these start appearing, just start wrangling them (LB or L1) and then slam them against any surface to immediately kill them.
  2. Hobos – These ghosts don’t appear too difficult and they are relatively easy at first glance but they have one very deadly attack.  Their main attack is to throw a bottle at you that is easily dodged.  The trouble with hobos come in when they use their grenade attack that can take you down very quickly in professional and anyone near where they land.
  3. Opera Ghosts – These look scary but they’re actually pushovers.  If you shoot them for a little while they will start retreating into the black slime portals giving you time to deal with other threats.

So onto how to beat this fight!

The fight starts off with two Opera Ghosts.  Concentrate on one Opera Ghost until it gets down to red health.  Instead of immediately trapping her in the super slammer, instead let Peter and Winston deal with her.  While they’re trying to wrangle her, start working on the other Opera Ghost.  With any luck, you will be able to wrangle and trap the second ghost by the time Winston and Peter finish with the first one.  

After one opera ghost is trapped you have to act quickly because gargoyles will start to fly in from Times Square.  If you’re fast enough you can capture two of the three total opera ghosts before the first gargoyle even gets to you.

Whatever the case, keep working on the opera ghosts until you hear Winston yell “I don’t have time for you right now gargoyle!”  This is your cue to leave the opera ghosts alone and start working on the gargoyles.

The opera ghosts should be running away into portals at this point, but if they aren’t, give them a boson dart or two and they’ll run away and leave you alone.  Take this time to kill every gargoyle that comes at you and there will be quite a few.  Just keep your eyes peeled towards Times Square and keep killing them until they stop coming.  Remember, all you need to do is wrangle and slam.  No need to boson dart and risk overheating your pack.

Once the gargoyles are taken care of, several hobos should have spawned from the black slime portals near the opera house.  There are two things you should remember during this section of the fight:

  1. Never stand still, always move even when trapping.
  2. Try not to be near Peter or Winston unless you’re reviving them.

Just as before, ignore the final opera ghost unless she is actually bothering you.  There’s no need to try and trap her, just give her a few shots and make her run away.  Your main concern at this point should be hobos.

As long as you keep moving, these hobos shouldn’t cause you a lot of trouble.  Just make sure to stay away from Peter and Winston unless you’re reviving them and just take them down one at a time.  If you’re lucky they will clump making it easy to keep track of where everything is otherwise you will really have to mind where they are at all times.

Make sure to take full advantage of the super slammer and clear these out as soon as possible.  As soon as the last hobo is trapped, take care of the final Opera Ghost and the fight is over!

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Mr Puggsly posted 18/08/2014, 11:14
I recently completed this game. Not horrible but not great... just okay.

Sold surprisingly bad. Probably struggled to break even.
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yo_john117 posted 01/10/2011, 04:56
Twesterm helped to make this game!
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 02:57
It was ok. Like the original actors returning to voice there characters.
Message | Report
Bagaren85 posted 13/11/2009, 06:22
Damn, didnt notice it was released this week in others.

Need to buy it.
Message | Report
Boneitis posted 30/10/2009, 01:52
The 360 version might actually catch up after European release. Regardless I would consider this a bomb.
Message | Report
Zlejedi posted 05/08/2009, 09:38
Especially with no region lock :)
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