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America - Front

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Alternative Names

キャッスルヴァニア ロードオブシャドウ


Mercury Steam



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X360, All

Release Dates

10/05/10 Konami
12/16/10 Konami
10/08/10 Konami

Community Stats

Owners: 216
Favorite: 17
Tracked: 16
Wishlist: 59
Now Playing: 11

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Chapter 1's Trials
Besieged Village ============== You have to defend the villagers from the Great Warg and other enemies; only one needs to survive. The fairy subweapon is a great tool here, as it will stun the Warg and with it stunned, it won't go after the villagers. If you don't have them yet, use the Silver Dagger subweapon, as it does great damage to both the Lycans and Warg. Hunting Path =========== You have to get through without healing by any means, which includes activating Light magic when your health isn't full, picking up a Life Gem and using a green fountain. You start out on horseback and then will get into a fight later on. This shouldn't give you too much trouble. The Dead Bog ============ You need to kill 50 Goblins in order to pass this trial. This is pretty easy, as there's a part where you have to use the bombs they throw to knock down some trees. If you ignore the trees, you can concentrate on the Goblins until you have killed enough. Pan's Temple =========== Turn the outer and inner rings twice clockwise, and turn the middle ring once clockwise to finish this trial. Oblivion Lake ============ This is the first tough trial in the game, as you need to defeat the Ice Titan in less than 90 seconds. You NEED the Dark Crystal subweapon in order to get this. If you fail the trial at any point, do not complete the trial, as you won't have one the next time you attempt it. Activate the crystal, which makes all of the Titan's magic seals only require one hit to destroy it. Now, you must be quick in scaling the Titan and getting to each seal. This trial has no room for any mistakes, so you have to be quick and perfect.
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 39,412 27,236 14,968 81,616
2 n/a 20,723 13,632 7,641 41,996
3 n/a 19,545 9,416 6,060 35,021
4 n/a 16,691 18,052 8,511 43,254
5 n/a 6,884 10,366 4,484 21,734
6 n/a 5,366 7,812 3,406 16,584
7 n/a 5,043 5,522 2,595 13,160
8 n/a 6,823 5,302 2,787 14,912
9 n/a 4,494 7,337 3,118 14,949
10 n/a 5,632 8,326 3,617 17,575

Opinion (66)

AgentRedgrave posted 02/03/2014, 08:15
I really liked the game, solid 8/10
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-girgosz- posted 30/06/2012, 10:41
The sequel will most likely push this over a million
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A203D posted 23/06/2012, 10:09
It did sell over 1 mil including the Xbox sales. I dont know if it made money though, since it was a very long game, and voice acting from Patrick Steward along must have been expensive. And i dont know what sales numbers constitute financial success.
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AndrewWK posted 04/06/2012, 02:55
It is not flop Mr. Slimebeast it gets a sequel
I hope this game can the million by the end of the year.
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Slimebeast posted 28/05/2012, 06:36
Sadly most of these sales are from the bargain bin. Fantastic game that underperformed so much, a true flop. It's a memorable game too. Most games get erased from my memory quickly but not this one. Can't wait for a sequel.
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oniyide posted 28/05/2012, 02:17
People knew about it, they just didnt care. THe fans didnt like that it didnt feel like a Castlevania game. the GOW type fans (including me) felt that it wasnt as polished as that game. I loved it, the story and characters were great, it looked good, it played good. I dont know what the hell happened
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