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America - Front

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11/03/09 LucasArts
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11/06/09 LucasArts

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Easy wins
The fastest way to win a battle is to immediately capture the Ion Cannon for your team. Capturing the Ion Cannon from the start is not only faster, but also easier as you need the Ion Cannon to take down the enemy capital ship's shields. However, if you wait too long the enemy will capture it instead and then you need to blast your way past hordes of opponents before being able to take it for your team. Once you have captured the Cannon, defend the command post until the Cannon charges. Do not leave the CP while you wait; you will most likely lose it and have to recapture it then wait again. Once the Cannon charges, use it to take out the enemy capital ship shields. If done correctly, two hits should be sufficient. Once this is done, victory is almost guaranteed. Even if you choose not to transition to space and blow up the ship, one of your teammates will eventually do it for you. If you want to do it yourself though, sprint past all of the enemies in the hangar and in the walkways. Do not worry about shooting them, as they will just keep respawning. You will eventually get to the room with the Reactor. Keep throwing grenades and shooting at it until it disappears, and the ship is done for.
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1 n/a 11,397 4,826 4,610 20,833
2 n/a 6,977 9,040 6,099 22,116
3 n/a 7,681 9,013 6,208 22,902
4 n/a 15,837 13,265 9,938 39,040
5 n/a 11,620 13,914 9,543 35,077
6 n/a 14,603 10,644 8,308 33,555
7 n/a 15,404 16,706 11,714 43,824
8 n/a 15,714 16,781 11,809 44,304
9 n/a 7,271 14,160 8,908 30,339
10 n/a 5,019 5,713 3,962 14,694

Opinion (5)

Aj_habfan posted 18/02/2012, 07:59
Had a good time with this one - not perfect, but fun.
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insomniac17 posted 10/12/2010, 07:32
Good game. Now take this concept, and make Battlefront 3 already! Or just go back in time and let Free Radical finish up what they were doing. That would have been the best Battlefront game ever.
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rddflag posted 09/03/2010, 02:25
Good game, worth the buy. It's way more polished than battlefront 2 or renegade squadron
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ps3-sales! posted 08/11/2009, 10:30
There is elite squadron, and renagade squadron. That's probably why.
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Blaiyan posted 18/09/2009, 02:27
I'm very confused here. I thought this game wasn't released yet. How does it have 10 weeks of numbers? Anyway the vid on GT looked decent. Thinking about picking this up.
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