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11/06/06 Nintendo
10/12/06 Square Enix
04/13/07 Nintendo

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Easy fight exdeath and neo exdeath

first this might not work for some since my people are levels 67, 66 ,67, and 66
1. get all jobs mastered ( or edleast dragoon, whit mage, sommoner,red mage, ninja,mime, and gladiator) this might be hard but a tip is movers in the void place.
2. have youur charecters with these
:bartz: with two dragon lances (steal from crysle dragon)and abilitys !jump and !finisher
Lenna: holding ragnarok and dragon lance with abilities !duelcast and !white
Krile: holding apocalypse and longinus with !deulcast and !summon
Faris: holding mutsunokami and kagenui with !duelcast and !summon (mastering ninja in this is for fleeing battles before exdeath)
3.go up to exdeath and hell talk and turn into a tree and make people get sucked in the void then suck you in and the dawn warriors will save you then you fight exdeath

First part of battle: Exdeath
idk how much he has but he has less than in his castle
just do the following:1. duelcast golem and carbuncle
2.then duelcast bahumaut
3.then duelcast holy
4. use jump or finisher on him
5.repeat all except duelcast bahumaut with krile
6.keep repeating untill it says exdeath was engulfed by the void
7.then the screen will go blank for a couple seconds and then a big thing will come and say i am neo exdeath bla blaa blaa

second part: Neo Exdeath
Front: 55000 hp
Rest of body parts:60000 hp

just deulcast holy and bahumaust and jump or finisher him
jump does 9999 twice to the front and middle top parts
keep poundin him till he dies

after the battle will be alot of talking
i beat him without being hurt
tee hee!!!!!!!

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Aion posted 13/08/2009, 09:16
Great FF i love the characters.
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Wickedshyn posted 05/12/2008, 02:59
My fave FF the job system is ace.
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sc94597 posted 03/08/2008, 11:55
Not really a good game. One of the worst FFs imo.
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