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America - Front

America - Back

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Studio Liverpool



Release Dates

06/17/02 BAM! Entertainment
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02/08/02 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Cheat Codes
In the cheat menu (found in extras), enter the combination:
Code Effect
Animal Ships Triangle, O, O, Triangle, X
Infinite Shield Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square
Infinite Weapons Triangle, O, X, O, Square
Mini Ships O, square, square, X, O
Retro Planes X, O, Triangle, Square, X
Super Fast ships Square, X, X, X, Triangle
Unlock all Features X, Triangle, O, Triangle, O
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Opinion (4)

DaColdFlash posted 03/01/2010, 10:29
i loved how this wipeout was combat based
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radioioRobert posted 23/04/2008, 06:10
A departure from the Wipeout made famous from the PSx versions, the gameplay seems to have left with the original PS. Game looks very good, but gameplay is nowhere as mindblowing as as any of the PSX versions. The ships do not handle as well, they handle closer to the also poor Wipeout 64 for N64.

While Wipeout overall is no F-Zero, the PSx games are incredible, and the best in the series.
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MrMarc posted 06/01/2008, 01:36
Possibly the best in the Wipeout series, and one of the few reasons I miss having a PS2.

Awesome game :)
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Tispower posted 06/06/2007, 07:02
Wipeout Fusion was released on the PS2 soon after the PS2 was released, so it was one of the first games you could get for it.

The basis of the game is racing futuristic floating ships on futuristic tracks. However you also get to use weapons to blow the other ships up, including earthquakes, plasma bolts, and flamethrowers. Graphics wise it is good for such an old game, although the damage to the ships is very basic.

In the game you have the options of AG League, Arcade, Time Trial, The Zone and Multiplayer.
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