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11/20/06 Ubisoft
04/26/07 Ubisoft
12/01/06 Ubisoft

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Secret Lab
When Jung must hack the computer to open the door to Irena, enemies rappel down from the windows. Before you tell him to hack, send your team to the far side of the room over near the fenced area. Then, run behind the computer and tell Jung to hack it. A trigger will activate and the enemies will start pouring into the room. Your team will take most of them out on the way to the computer. If one of the team goes down Jung will stop moving towards the computer and sit there (or Michael, depending on who goes down). Once there is a pause in the onslaught, tell him to heal your partner. You can then order them around as usual. During this time Jung was supposed to be hacking the terminal but killing all the enemies skips this part. Once done, tell Jung to hack it again. He will open the door to Irena. Micheal gets left behind. Watch yourself; there are enemies on the stairs above you and will pick you off as you come up, especially on under the realistic difficulty setting.
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2 n/a 78,678 39,994 20,395 139,067
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10 n/a 19,747 8,102 4,804 32,653

Opinion (7)

busbfran posted 28/05/2013, 09:25
I hated this game!
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concity06 posted 27/01/2012, 06:19
This game litterally bores me, but their were times where I got into it and loved it. I don't play it anymore, might need to go back and beat it. But I get bored playing this game for too long.
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usrevenge posted 30/05/2010, 09:58
Best shooter on the 360
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coolbeans posted 02/11/2009, 05:24
Seems a bit harsh of what I said in last wall post. I guess I must admit, this is still my favorite FPS of this gen.
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coolbeans posted 26/08/2009, 11:56
Man I love this game. This is one of the main reasons I lol when hearing "CoD4 has the best MP experience this gen IMO". Basically shows they haven't played a game like this.
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sonicshuffle posted 07/04/2009, 11:19
Awesome campaign although a little hard to see things with all the bright lights.
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