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America - Front

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Traveller's Tales



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DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, X360, PSN, OSX

Release Dates

06/03/08 LucasArts
06/06/08 LucasArts

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Character codes.
Enter the following codes on the blackboard in the Math classroom at Barnett College.
Password Effect
Barranca 04EM94
Belloq (desert) CHN3YU
Belloq (jungle) TDR197
Belloq (priest) VEO29L
Boxer 8246RB
British officer VJ5TI9
British troop DJ5I2W
British troop commander B73EUA
Captain Katanga VJ3TT3
Chatterlal ENW936
Chucin 3NK48T
Colonel Dietrich 2K9RKS
Colonel Vogel 8EAL4H
Dancing girl C7EJ21
Desert digger 12N68W
Desert enemy officer 2MK45O
Desert masked bandit N48SF0
Desert monkey man 3RF6YJ
Desert soldier 4NSU7Q
Desert swordsman 1MK4RT
Donovan 3NFTU8
Dr. Schneider (desert) JSNRT9
Dr. Schneider (officer) VMJ5US
Enemy Bazookaman S93Y5R
Enemy bazookaman (different from above) MK83R7
Enemy butler VJ48W3
Enemy communications officer 1MF94R
Enemy guard VJ7R51
Enemy guard (Nepal) YR47WM
Enemy officer 572E61
Enemy pilot B84ELP
Fedora V75YSP
First mate 0GIN24
Grail knight NE6THI
Hovitos tribesman H0V1SS
Indiana Jones (officer) VJ85OS
Indiana Jones disguised 4J8S4M
Jungle guide 24PF34
Kaokan WMO46L
Kazim (desert) 3M29TJ
Kazim (Venice) NRH23J
Laoche 2NK479
Maharaja NFK5N2
Major Toht 13NS01
Mola Ram FJUR31
Pankot assassin 2NKT72
Pankot guard VN28RH
Punjabi dignitary KD48TN
Punjabi village elder 4682E1
Sherpa brawler VJ37WJ
Sherpa gunner ND762W
Slave child 0E3ENW
Thuggee VM683E
Thuggee Chatterlal CNH4RY
Thuggee priest T2R3F9
Thuggee slavedriver VBS7GW
Willie DJ VK93R7
Willie pajamas MEN4IP
Wuhan 3NSLT8
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 79,635 49,365 22,089 151,089
2 n/a 58,258 39,213 16,665 114,136
3 n/a 44,117 29,321 12,558 85,996
4 n/a 26,813 16,840 7,473 51,126
5 n/a 19,518 12,499 5,479 37,496
6 n/a 16,902 8,596 4,382 29,880
7 n/a 16,415 7,759 4,160 28,334
8 n/a 15,217 6,752 3,784 25,753
9 n/a 11,691 6,046 3,047 20,784
10 n/a 11,077 5,544 2,858 19,479

Opinion (43)

atma998 posted 10/04/2011, 05:58
2 million reached! :D Could reach 2.4M-2.5M LTD
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atma998 posted 18/01/2011, 03:46
Guess I was right,, sold 6k last week and is now at 1.94M.
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atma998 posted 21/05/2010, 11:31
Still selling over 5k/week. This game will easily reach 2 million at some point.
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oni-link posted 05/02/2010, 07:20

I think it's because the Wii is the Lego series premiere system. The Wii utterly trumps the HD consoles in terms of raw sales from Lego Starwars to Lego Batman. The only reason why the 360 has more numbers is because of the FREE bundled game on the 360 hardware!!!!
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GhaudePhaede010 posted 11/06/2009, 09:17
Quite a fun and funny game. Love it!
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fgkiller posted 03/06/2009, 08:15
Just got it today at Walmart great 20 dolor purchase
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