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Square Enix



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03/28/06 Square Enix
12/22/05 Square Enix
09/26/06 Square Enix

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How to beat a secret boss!!!!!!!!!!

The bosses name is sephiroth. He is from fianal fantacy. After you have unloked The World That Never Was(a world) you go back to Hollow Bastion(Or Radiant Garden) you go to the great maw where you fought 1000 heartless and go across facing the evil castle. go across there and you will find a path leadiing to a giant circle and at the very end of the circle there should be a guy with long grey hair(he is sepiroth)WARNING!!:Make sure you are ready for him he is the toughest boss in the game. He has the most HP out of all the bosses he has 13 bars 3,000 HP he is very tough but if you do manage to beat him well done. seperoth will now tell you to go get cloud you will find him in the market place talk to him say yes i know were sepiroth is and you have beaten the toughest boss. then clouds friend will come and she will give you a reward it is..................the last keyblade of your collection it is the Fenir and it is the strongest keyblade of all of them well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5,200,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (57)

Mafuba posted 30/10/2014, 02:55
Adjusted up about 260,000 copies.
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Azhraell posted 20/09/2013, 12:39
Japan and Rest of the world are best than the first. NA & EU not. Seems undertracked to me.
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BasilZero posted 31/01/2012, 12:31
Squareenix brings back the players to the Kingdom Hearts universe which includes Disney and Final Fantasy characters. The sequel consists of even a more epic and dark storyline than the first, although some of the worlds from the first game are included and seem to be a rehash, there are different routes and locations. The game also includes new worlds, new enemies, new characters, and new music. This game is worth getting! 9.6/10
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The_Joker_Product posted 28/10/2011, 09:11
It certainly sold more than that in EMEAA, id bet my life it sold over 1 million there.
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skeleton_fingers posted 05/09/2011, 09:19
I guess Europe hates Disney and FF?
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3nix posted 01/09/2011, 07:02
One of the first games I ever gotten to the max level. The battle system to this day stills drives me crazy XD.
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