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Square Enix



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03/28/06 Square Enix
12/22/05 Square Enix
09/26/06 Square Enix

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Donald and goofy better than save the queen and king weapons

In kh2 theres 2 weapons that are better than save the king and queen. to get them you need at least 10 of each dence and twiglight materials, and at least 2 orichalcums, and 2 energy crystals, serenity crystals and power crystals, firstly select to get save the king and/or queen, and when it asks for some extra materials, select 1 serenity crystal and 1 power crystal, and save the king or queen will turn into save the king+ and save the queen+ with better abilitys, donalds is mp hastega, and so is goofys, and youll also get double the moogle exp. points!!! This does work! it helped me beat xigbar i totally thrashed him, with ultima weapon, sora. save the queen+, donald. save the king, goofy. on my finishing move it did half a life bar,i was at lv 71 though!!!

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5,200,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (57)

Mafuba posted 30/10/2014, 02:55
Adjusted up about 260,000 copies.
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Azhraell posted 20/09/2013, 12:39
Japan and Rest of the world are best than the first. NA & EU not. Seems undertracked to me.
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BasilZero posted 31/01/2012, 12:31
Squareenix brings back the players to the Kingdom Hearts universe which includes Disney and Final Fantasy characters. The sequel consists of even a more epic and dark storyline than the first, although some of the worlds from the first game are included and seem to be a rehash, there are different routes and locations. The game also includes new worlds, new enemies, new characters, and new music. This game is worth getting! 9.6/10
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The_Joker_Product posted 28/10/2011, 09:11
It certainly sold more than that in EMEAA, id bet my life it sold over 1 million there.
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skeleton_fingers posted 05/09/2011, 09:19
I guess Europe hates Disney and FF?
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3nix posted 01/09/2011, 07:02
One of the first games I ever gotten to the max level. The battle system to this day stills drives me crazy XD.
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