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Release Dates

10/06/09 Atlus
02/05/09 Sony Computer Entertainment
06/25/10 Namco

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Owners: 754
Favorite: 103
Tracked: 20
Wishlist: 87
Now Playing: 62

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Demon's Souls - Cheats

Total cheats available: 17


Date Title User
25th May 2009 Easy Souls in World 4-2. outlawauron
24th Oct 2009 Cheat death glitch. hatmoza

Walkthrough / Guides / Tips

Date Title User
21st Oct 2009 Demon\'s Souls Walkthrough Cold_Drake
07th Dec 2009 Massive Soul Farming in world 4-2 (12K in 1.2 minutes) lestatdark
14th Jan 2010 Even better soul farming in 4-2 (NG+ required) lestatdark
11th Jan 2011 Boletarian Palace: Mausoleum key ioi
11th Jan 2011 Quick Soul gaining ioi
11th Jan 2011 Defeating the Red Dragon ioi
11th Jan 2011 Blind the Maneaters ioi
28th Mar 2011 Easy Souls ioi
28th Mar 2011 Keep souls, get a chance to "do-over" if you die. ioi
15th Jun 2011 Item and Soul Duplication ioi
15th Jun 2011 Fight the Old One Early ioi
15th Jun 2011 Max souls ioi

Cheat codes

Date Title User
27th Feb 2011 Easy way to get Demonbrandt (0) ioi
27th Feb 2011 Easiest Way to Amass Souls Quickly in this game (0) ioi


Date Title User
18th May 2011 Trophies (0) ioi

Shipping Total

1,000,000 Units
As of: February 2012

Opinion (683)

ktay95 posted 05/06/2013, 01:05
just started playing this game... this is going to be fun, and controller breaking
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thewastedyouth posted 08/01/2013, 05:43
why are the Euro sales so low, LOL EUROPEASANTS
Message | Report
Sal.Paradise posted 12/06/2012, 07:59
Certainly is interesting. And it got nowhere near the marketing push/hype of the sequel around launch. Very strange.
Message | Report
mantlepiecek posted 05/03/2012, 09:18
Demon's souls is ahead of dark souls PS3 + 360 combined, that is pretty interesting.
Message | Report
Solid-Stark posted 02/12/2011, 01:10
Cant wait till this hits 2m. Great game needs more sales!
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paulrage2 posted 07/11/2011, 03:27
I already get Demon's Souls platinum trophy three times!
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