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America - Front

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11/07/05 RedOctane
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04/07/06 RedOctane

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Tracklist is as follows:

Song                                       Artist                                                       
I Love Rock and Roll                Joan Jett and the Black Hearts            
I Wanna be Sedated              The Ramones                                                       
Infected                                  Bad Religion                                                       
Thunder Kiss '65                     White Zombie                                                       
Smoke on the Water               Deep Purple                                                       
Iron Man                                  Black Sabbath                                                       
More Than A Feeling                Boston                                                       
Sharp Dressed Man                 ZZ Top                                                       
Take Me Out                            Franz Ferdinand                                                       
You Got Another Thing Comin   Judas Priest                                                       
Hey You                                   The Exies                                                       
Killer Queen                            Queen                                                       
Heart Full of Black                   Burning Brides                                                       
Stellar                                     Incubus
Symphony of Destruction        Megadeth
Cochise                                   Audioslave
Fat Lip                                    Sum 41
Take it Off                              The Donnas
Unsung                                  Helmet
Ziggy Stardust                       David Bowie
Ace of Spades                        Motorhead
Crossroads                            Cream
No One Knows                      Queens of the Stone Age
Spanish Castle Magic             Jimi Hendrix
Higher Ground                      Red Hot Chili Peppers
Bark at the Moon                  Ozzy Osbourne
Cowboys from Hell                Pantera
Frankenstein                        The Edgar Winter Group
Godzilla                                 Blue Oyster Cult
Texas Flood                          Stevie Ray Vaughan
All of This                              Shaimus
Behind the Mask                   Anarchy Club
The Breaking Wheel             Artillery
Callout                                  The Acro-brats
Cavemen Rejoice                  The Bags
Cheat on the Church            Graveyard BBQ
Decontrol                              Drist
Eureka, I've Found Love       The Upper Crust
Even Rats                             The Slip
Farewell Myth                       Made in Mexico
Fire it Up                              Black Label Society
Fly on the Wall                     Din
Get Ready 2 Rokk                Freezepop
Guitar Hero                         Monkey Steals the Peach
Hey                                    Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives
Sail your Ship by                Count Zero                                                       
Story of my Love                The Model Sons                                                       

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Opinion (3)

kopstudent89 posted 02/05/2009, 02:44
wow this had a really slow start, and then exploded... nice
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AaronSOLDIER posted 22/04/2009, 06:48
Its a PlayStation franchise - YAY! =)
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Jessman posted 03/02/2008, 06:45
Best of the 4.
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