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EA Tiburon



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PS3, X360, DS, GC, PS2, PSP, XB, PC, All

Release Dates

08/14/07 EA Sports
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08/31/07 EA Sports

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Feel what it’s like to be a field general making key personnel decisions on both sides of the ball during the game’s biggest moments in Madden NFL 08. Quickly identify your strongest players on the field before every snap then move them into position to make game-changing, momentum-altering plays. Play to your team’s strengths by immediately reading your opponent’s schemes and reacting to the action as soon as the ball is snapped. Create mismatches and exploit weaknesses as you read and react with Madden NFL 08.

Key features

All-New Read and React System

New player skill icons identify on-field strengths and weaknesses, providing an immediate read on what your opponent is giving you. Quickly react, create mismatches, and exploit opponent weaknesses before every play.

All-New Skill Drills

Take on an army of tackling dummies in an all-new skill drills mini-game designed to teach you the game of football. A progressive learning system teaches you how to use game controls under pressure, while advanced and multiplayer modes allow you to finetune your skills or challenge a friend to a head-to-head competition.

New Fantasy Challenge Mode

Leverage your fantasy football knowledge by drafting the ultimate NFL dream team. Play through four competition levels with your fantasy squad in hope of winning challenges, increasing your salary cap, and adding new superstars to your team.

Madden Unmatched

All-new player moves, including auto-motion and low-hitting tackles, plus ultra-smooth gameplay provide the most realistic NFL gaming experience ever.



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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 63,310 n/a 11,172 74,482
2 n/a 23,919 n/a 4,221 28,140
3 n/a 17,642 n/a 3,113 20,755
4 n/a 14,091 n/a 2,487 16,578
5 n/a 11,460 n/a 2,022 13,482
6 n/a 8,991 n/a 1,587 10,578
7 n/a 7,965 n/a 1,406 9,371
8 n/a 7,045 n/a 1,243 8,288
9 n/a 6,428 n/a 1,134 7,562
10 n/a 6,139 n/a 1,083 7,222

Opinion (38)

atma998 posted 29/07/2011, 01:50
The game's dead at 958k. Sad... even if close to the million.
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primogen18 posted 27/04/2009, 01:41
The last honest Wii Madden title.

The next went with All Play (ok it was good but the cover was very confusing to those thinking it was another version all together)

2010 kills the Madden franchise on Wii altogether. It becomes ALL- All play, with really bad kid-sportz inspired cartoony graphics directly ported from the PS2 version which also got the "kiddy-toony" overhaul. I hope this and 2009 keep selling, and 2010 tanks, as EA just killed the Madden franchise on Wii.
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johnsobas posted 10/04/2009, 04:34
lol so in the end it outsold the ps3 version. I remember all the people saying it would never happen. It seemed pretty obvious at the time.
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stof posted 10/02/2009, 07:00
Well that's a mean downward adjust. 09 should still clear a million though.
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Roy03 posted 20/01/2009, 10:08
@stof: Maybe 0,01m....
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GregoryWeagle posted 19/01/2009, 02:42
It just outsold the PS3 version...Wow...
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