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06/23/91 Sega
07/26/91 Sega
06/23/91 Sega

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In the game, Sonic has to stop Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Eggman in Japan) from taking over South Island. He must go through 6 completely different zones, each comprised of 3 acts. Each zoned ranged from a green beach world, to a labyrinth with underwater areas. At the end of each Zone, Sonic must face off Robotnick who uses a different contraption each time, such a giant recking ball, or a spike.

The gameplay was revolutionary for its time. Sonic had speed, the abililty to jump high, and roll as he runs. The levels are designed to show off Sonic's speed, through the use of slopes, springs, high falls, and even loop-de-loops. At end of the first 2 acts for each zone if Sonic had 50 rings or more he would be sent to a special stage where Sonic must each the end without hitting a goal which would end the special stage. If he reaches the end he would get a chaos emerald, in which there were 6 in total (7 in the later games).

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15,000,000 Units

Opinion (23)

EJBass83 posted 28/01/2019, 02:39
Here are the actual numbers.
15 Million in total.

7.52 million in North America
0.26 million in Japan
6.88 million in Europe.
0.34 million in the rest of the world.
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Dreamcaster posted 17/04/2017, 10:09
These numbers need a drastic change in all 4 regions.
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FFT_RiskN posted 13/08/2015, 06:47

This game sold over 15 million. Someone edit.
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ExplodingBlock posted 14/07/2014, 08:09
Just think about what would the industry would be like without this game
Sega would have gone third party alot earlier
Resulting in Nintendo having a monopoly on the industry
Nintendo would have never partnered with Sony as there would be reason to make SNES CD to rival the Sega CD
Thus, Sony would never have entered the industry
Anyone competition such as Microsoft with the Xbox would probably bomb due to Nintendo have all the third parties locked up+Nintendo exclusives
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Azhraell posted 26/08/2013, 07:46
I thought this game had sold nearly 15 millions. Anyways, Genesis Trilogy are one of the best game of all times!
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sep85dd posted 30/07/2011, 09:38
the numbers are from 1995, the ending of the mega drive support from sega, but the game sales up to 1998, was bundled with genesis/mega drive consoles. 15 m is right, i think, and 10 milionfor sonic 2.
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