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09/11/03 Acclaim Entertainment
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10/03/03 Acclaim Entertainment

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The next step in the continued evolution of the critically-acclaimed Extreme-G Racing brand, with sales of over one million units in the US alone, XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Associationbrings to life the motor sport of the future. All of the speed and excitement of the series is intact, with a host of new race types, mission objectives and unlockable content that will firmly place XGRA at the pole position.


  • SiNN (Sports Interactive News Network) and the XGRA (Extreme Gravity Racing Association) create a future motor sport unlike anything ever experienced.
  • 8 different teams, all with unique histories, sponsors, and rivalries
  • Variable missions and storylines that make each race part of a larger career.
  • A game structure designed to emulate a true motor sport season with various classes and race types.
  • A variety of different and completely tweakable main vehicle types.
  • A wide range of characters, each with skills & statistics that affect how they race.
  • A rewards system that allows for a slew of unlockable content--from game modes to new tracks, from faster bikes to character-enhancing cybernetic implants.
  • Environments that bring worlds to life. From variable weather systems to realistically constructed buildings, all 16 tracks are set in worlds so startling, you may actually forget to race.
  • An interactive HUD that not only provides all relevant information during the race, but can be manipulated during gameplay.
  • Destructible objects--from gas pipes to bridges to spectators, the track can be changed dynamically by anyone throughout the race.
  • A new weapons system that allows the player to easily select and use weapons without fear of losing focus on the race.

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