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06/13/06 Eidos Interactive
06/28/07 Spike
05/19/06 Eidos Interactive

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A city on the brink of total anarchy is being held hostage by the increased threat of organized gang violence. Nick Mason and his elite T-Zero unit, specially trained in all areas of urban combat, are the last line of defense. Take control and be the hero in this high velocity, explosive action shooter.

  • Be a Member of T-Zero - Play Nick Mason, a member of the elite, newly formed anti gang unit "T-Zero" The last line of urban defense.

  • Take your city back - Build your reputation, expand your arsenal and use whatever means necessary to kick ass to save the day.

  • Intense hostage scenarios - Hold your nerve and take on gang leaders in intense one-to-one situations. Save your citys citizens and make that perfect shot.

  • Real City – Real Terror - Explore the action in a realistic and dynamic environment (using the Havok 3 engine), fighting for a city at melting point.

  • Military grade hardware - Use whatever weapons necessary from military issue and upgraded high-tech firearms to brutal gang weaponry including meat cleavers, Molotov cocktails and power tools.

  • Survive at all costs - Take control and ensure the safety of civilians, recruit key members of the Emergency services from Firemen and Medics to the Police department leading them into the heat of the action to take your city back.

Source - www.eidosinteractive.com (publisher)

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carsonnik posted 25/12/2008, 09:44
Not top 10 games, top 10 fps
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carsonnik posted 25/12/2008, 09:44
I wish this got more attention, I don't know of any other fps that uses portable cover. This is by far my favorite fps on the ps2, maybe one of the best I've played ever. Definitely on my top 10 I've ever played at least.
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