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レゴスターウォーズII : 、元の3部作


Amaze Entertainment



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GC, PS2, PSP, X360, XB, GBA, PC, OSX, All

Release Dates

09/12/06 LucasArts
11/02/06 Electronic Arts
09/11/06 LucasArts

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As a wise green Jedi Master once proclaimed, "Size matters not." The handheld versions of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy feature unique ways for you to build and battle your way through a tongue-in-cheek Star Wars galaxy, while still maintaining the fun and endless customization of LEGO set during the time period of the first three Star Wars films.

The Nintendo DS version of LEGO Star Wars II stands as a completely unique version of the game. Using the system's power for full 3D action, it also creatively utilizes the touch screen.

  • Use the touch screen to do the following:
    • Swap between characters on the fly.
    • Take full hands-on advantage of the Character Customizer.
    • Swap between all unlocked Characters in Free Play mode.
    • Control the camera.
  • Wireless connectivity also allows for two-player co-op and an exclusive four-player versus mode, the Battle Arena. Collect 10 mini-kit pieces in each level to put together bounty hunters to fight in this environment set at Jabba's Palace. Compete to be the first to find and capture Han Solo in carbonite. The Battle Arena mode features single-pack downloadable play for up to four users.
  • Use the Character Customizer for Story mode by adding traditional LEGO accessories such as cowboy hats to the likes of Luke, Han and Leia. Like in the console versions, you can create even wackier custom-made characters for play in Free Play mode.

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1 n/a 24,012 n/a 4,237 28,249
2 n/a 16,609 n/a 2,931 19,540
3 n/a 12,738 n/a 2,248 14,986
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9 n/a 4,099 n/a 723 4,822
10 n/a 5,933 n/a 1,047 6,980

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No9tro posted 09/09/2018, 12:07
I remember playing this game way more than I would like to admit

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supermario128 posted 29/12/2007, 08:52
I really regret ever buying this.
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