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11/29/11 Ubisoft
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12/02/11 Ubisoft

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Download Assassin’s Creed Revelations for PC, and follow master assassin Ezio Auditore on a path of discovery and revelation in this adventurous and historical fourth title in the Assassin’s Creed game series. When a flourishing army of Templars threatens the stability of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century, you must follow the path taken by Ezio’s mentor, the Syrian assassin Altair Ibn-La’Ahad, in the 13th century to discover long-hidden secrets and eliminate the threat in Constantinople. Meanwhile, in modern-day America, Desmond Miles returns to the Animus once more in an effort to awaken him from his coma and save his shattered consciousness.


Source: Ubisoft Store.

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1 n/a n/a 228 78 306
2 n/a 39,499 43,575 22,623 105,697
3 n/a 5,860 31,532 12,893 50,285
4 n/a 929 23,771 9,203 33,903
5 n/a 493 29,912 11,435 41,840
6 n/a 131 14,062 3,536 17,729
7 n/a 57 5,195 1,308 6,560
8 n/a 75 2,065 527 2,667
9 n/a 59 2,355 598 3,012
10 n/a 54 2,422 614 3,090

Opinion (9)

DrozzRith posted 24/01/2012, 03:41
To nilli: Ubisoft talking about not porting to PC anymore? SOURCE OR IT NEVER HAPPENED. its funny how most console shits use vgchartz ase facts, when Steam and other digital distributors control over 70% of the PC market. it sells less than console? yes, but not by far, so its still a big profit and no one will stop developing for PC.

Dark souls surpassed Witcher 2 in sales? no. Dark Souls sold 970k on PS3 and 370k on 360 (BAHAHA! THAT'S MISERABLE!). CDProjekt said BACK IN AUGUST that Witcher 2 had sold over a million copies, and since then the sales have been pretty good for that game, I believe it was stated in The Witcher Forums that Witcher 2 had sold more than 1.5m after the holydays, so Witcher 2 outsold Dark Souls and will continue to do so unless it gets ported to PC and makes a home there, where it would actually be appreciated not like on 360.

Witcher 2 got pirated over 4.5 million times? That's a fact, but every ilegal download doesn't equal a guy happily playing, for example, I bought Witcher 2, but I had downloaded it before to try it out, and after that deleted it, then I downloaded again to backup my copy.
And even if every guy that downloaded turned out to be playing the game, what does it matrer? are you gonna cry over those millions of imaginary dollars lost, that you NEVER had to begin with? you know nothing about PC gaming and thats fine, stay on consoles, we don't want miserable parasites like you on the master race.
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clos2 posted 22/12/2011, 08:38
see whats so sad about nilli is that he is s o stupid he doesnt realize tht DD has lifetime sales. Even after 4 years steam sales can give the game new life and still bring in revenue fo the develpers. Nilli, how stupid are you? my god what a sad little bich, you have been stomped over and over all over vgz charts . You hav eno arguemnts, just opinions and they are all wrong cause u dont even back them up with any sort of facts.
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nilli posted 13/12/2011, 07:39
Ubisoft already are talking about that porting games on pc is not worth it anymore muhahaha. Canceled couple of their games on pc too :D Oh and lovely how some people here are comparing Skyrim sales to Darksouls sales. Dark souls was something to compare to Witcher and look what happened. You are not goingto read that Dark souls got pirated 4,5 million times. Oh and Dark souls have already passed Witcher 2 sales and will sell for years to come. Witcher 2 got destroyed by piracy and the sales are dead.
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zingerman posted 11/12/2011, 11:32
meh, too good sales for such a mediocre game. Anyways, why people even buy ubisoft games on PC, I say boycott that shit, can't release a decent game in decades :D
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clos2 posted 10/12/2011, 04:35
haha nilli in here once again. I think its good profit. 130k sales, on one week, some extra moner ubi. A developer most pc gamers dont even respect for the way they treat pc gamers. Nilli, you know how ubiosft sales are down by a lot cause they hav enothing but assasssins creed, and thats not even as good as it was when it first came out. Nilli is just a bitter sad kid, he cant handle the fact tha tpc gaming is doing well. Too bad nilli, deal with it you poor child. More pc games next year too, there no droought anytime soon. Console exclsuives are les relevant now and pc will get bettter treatment next year. Nilli, Nilli has been proven wrong over and over in these walls and still comes back for more. He has been owned in every aspect, ehll, even with ubisoft, they are still making pc games and OH NO NILLI! NO I AM ALIVE FOR US!! NOOOOOOOOO! *TEAR* bahahaha...nigga thinks we need that game. Indie games sell better on pc PROVEN, PC gaming still alive? PROVEN (skyrim, witcher 2, bf3 sales prove it all, and DD as well), PIRACY ARGUMENT INVALID? proven! nilli, youre done son, you hav enothing left
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yahoocomReborn posted 08/12/2011, 09:53
Shut up bitch, the main reason this sucks in sales is because UBI delayed PC version again... Look at Skyrim's PC sales and you Dark souls worthless Xbox360's sales, you troll... By the way, shitty game gets shitty sales, same goes for Dark souls Xbox360 VERSION
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