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EA Tiburon



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08/30/11 EA Sports
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- All-new collision system, advanced defensive A.I. enhancements and the #1 most requested feature, Custom Playbooks, come together to provide a more authentic gameplay experience.

- Experience NFL Sundays like never before with team-specific run-outs featuring mascots and cheerleaders, authentic broadcast cameras, lifelike 3D grass, and dynamic time-of-day.

  • Franchise mode includes more than 100 new features and enhancements, including expanded rosters, an all-new rookie scouting system, a free-agent bidding system, and more.
  • In Superstar mode, fans can now control the growth of their superstar with an all-new progression system that allows you to earn skill points by participating in practice and games. More details on Franchise and Superstar modes will be released on May 16.

- Dynamic Player Performance is an all-new feature that creates unprecedented realism as a player’s skills and confidence will rise and fall based on his performance throughout a game or in Franchise mode, just like the real NFL. No two players will play the same in Madden NFL 12, and more details will be revealed at the E3 Expo on June 6.

- The perfect combination of Madden NFL Football, fantasy football, and trading cards comes to life in Madden NFL Ultimate Team. More information on how to earn, buy, auction, and trade players will be released on June 20.Online Communities will provide an all-new way for Madden NFL gamers to meet and play. More details will be released on July 25.

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