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5, Rue Sésame: Il Était un Monstre (French)



Double Fine Productions



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10/11/11 Warner Bros. Interactive
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10/14/11 Warner Bros. Interactive

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"Elmo Loves You!"

By Craig Snow 14th Oct 2011 | 7,406 views 
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Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster is an uplifting and funny, family adventure game playable on Kinect for Xbox 360.  Players join favorite Sesame Street characters Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Grover and all new characters as they discover a long lost children’s book titled Once Upon a Monster.  As they read, they join the action to become part of a living storybook adventure, helping new monster friends with their problems by exploring the book chapter by chapter, page by page.  It features active co-op gameplay that is specially designed for sibling and/or parent-child co-play; and teaches social, emotional, and other important life lessons through its colorful and whimsical gameplay.


Fun Cooperative Experiences:  Every activity is designed to be fun played by oneself, but even more fun with a family member or friend. Drop in/out co-operative gameplay is ideal for parent-child or child-sibling co-play. 

Important Life Lessons: Players develop a personal and emotional relationship with the monsters in the world and are motivated to help them solve their problems and make their world a better place. Through social and emotional curriculum guided by Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Street, players discover how to make new friends, learn cooperation and empathy, solve problems, face fears and appreciate similarities and differences…to name a few lessons.

Living Storybook Adventure: The game is a guided exploration of a living storybook where players help their monster friends with problems, all while interacting with enchanting and whimsical environments around them.

New and Familiar Characters: Players can interact with their favorite Sesame Street characters as well as make new monster friends as they progress in their adventures. 

BroadRangeof Games: A variety of entertaining and intuitive activities enable young kids to play easily with natural controller-free motions using Kinect for Xbox 360. 

Active Gameplay: Players can engage in fun and physical activities such as monkey-see-monkey-do, playing instruments, flying, and running obstacle courses.

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1 n/a 11,964 530 1,867 14,361
2 n/a 7,773 1,521 1,388 10,682
3 n/a 13,660 2,689 2,849 19,198
4 n/a 15,027 2,246 2,953 20,226
5 n/a 9,256 1,198 1,771 12,225
6 n/a 9,263 1,394 1,856 12,513
7 n/a 20,859 1,918 3,727 26,504
8 n/a 13,398 2,352 2,712 18,462
9 n/a 15,341 3,639 3,248 22,228
10 n/a 25,334 5,292 5,149 35,775

Opinion (12)

T.Rexington posted 25/02/2012, 09:16
Wow, 300,000? Could be a million seller down the line.
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kix05 posted 07/01/2012, 03:01
I had fun playing this with my kids. My 5year old loves this game.
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Commando posted 23/12/2011, 12:37
Well it just did better this week than the previous 9. I can't wait to see my son play it
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Mr Puggsly posted 18/12/2011, 07:00
Certain games tend to do really well over time, I predict this is one of those games.
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pezus posted 25/11/2011, 12:54
Not even 100k? I hope it does better over the holidays, I thought it looked pretty cool for kids
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D-Joe posted 04/11/2011, 12:10
well,so going up a little
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