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10/18/11 Majesco
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There’s no better pet than an undead pet! Pet Zombies for Nintendo 3DS lets you reanimate your very own customizable zombies that you can play with, care for, or torment in a variety of environments where they shamble, shuffle and lurch. Bond with your zombie by providing it food, toys and interaction, but be careful; if you neglect your zombie, you may find yourself minus a finger, or...a brain!

  • A pet sim spoof with a horrific twist! Raise your own pet zombie, each with its own personality, by managing special diet, bodily maintenance, and morbid activities needed to keep it happily undead.
  • See cool, eye-popping, gory effects for things like thrown food, drinks, toys or brains with the stereoscopic 3D screen.
  • Play with your zombies in various mini-games like “Zombie Launch”, “Luck of the Dead”, “Dumpster Dive”, and others.
  • Choose to play nice with your zombies by petting them or torturing them with pokes, throwing toys at their bodies and even lighting them on fire!
  • Interact with your zombies in gruesome 3D locations like creepy cemeteries, evacuated malls and rundown military bases.
  • Customize your zombies with facial deformations, variable decay, clothing, and unlockable items.
  • Mix-and-match objects and themed backdrops to create your very own zombie environments that best fit your zombie’s personality and tastes.
  • Earn currency for use in the Pet Shop and unlockables by completing mini-game and gameplay challenges.


Majesco Entertainment

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