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Avatar: The Legend of Aang


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10/10/06 THQ
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02/09/07 THQ

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Journey through 6 exotic locations filled with adventure to help Aang fulfill his destiny to master the bending arts and become the Avatar—for only the Avatar can stop the ruthless might of the Fire Nation! Defeat hordes of bizarre enemies and perform noble deeds on your quest to save the world.

  • Who is the Blue Spirit? With the Fire Nation hot on his trail, Aang races to save his friends. Who is this mysterious warrior who appears to Aang and is he a friend or foe?
  • Siege of the North: Fend off Admiral Zhao's assault on the Northern Water tribe by mastering the Arctic Waters. Aang must unleash the power of the Avatar in this ultimate battle for survival!
  • Trouble in Kyoshi Village: Can you defeat the Boar-coons with your air blasts? Seek refuge in Kyoshi to escape the clutches of Prince Zuko, who is unrelenting in his quest to capture the Avatar.
  • King of Omashu's Challenge: Use your skills and smarts to overcome the King's challenges, including duels with Hog-Monkeys, to master the Air Shield.
  • The Scar of the World: Fire and Earth Warriors of the Past cannot rest until the spirit of the land is healed. Journey into the Spirit World and learn how to stop the awesome fury of the Spirit Guardian!
  • Showdown at Crescent lsle: Aang must overcome the perils of the volcanic island to discover his true quest from Avatar Roku. But first Aang must face off with Prince Zuko in a bending duel for the ages.


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