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America - Front

America - Back

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Aggressive Inline Featuring Taig Khris


Z-Axis, Ltd.



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05/28/02 Acclaim Entertainment
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08/02/02 Acclaim Entertainment

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The skin on your knees can always grow back. After a while, a fractured nose only looks funny at certain angles. Some people think it's funny when you write backwards that you write "open head my cracked I." It doesn't matter what you hurt and what you break in the process--so long as you always go aggressive.

  • NEVER STOP PUSHING: The makers of DAVE MIRRA FREESTYLE BMX turn it out again with a skating game showing off fresh new gameplay and twice the polygons of MIRRA.9 HUGE LEVELS: A plethora of rails, ramps, pipes and surprises are await your inlines.
  • OVER-THE-TOP TRICKS: Hand grinds, six types of manuals, grind transitions, double leg grind, new big air tricks, wall taps, stalls, wall flips, hand plants and much more never before seen in an extreme sports game.
  • INTRODUCING THE "ACTION BUTTON": The one button for all your skitching, pole grabbing, vaulting and interactive needs.30 TO 60 OBJECTIVES PER LEVEL: Challenges include time limit point total, Head-to-Head, single trick point value, NPC challenges and many others.
  • 10 TO 15 CINEMATIC EVENTS PER LEVEL: Special events make the worlds really come alive. As an example, if you skate off of the Atlas statue, the massive globe rolls on to the street smashing two buses that form into a half pipe.
  • INTEGRATED PARK EDITOR WITHIN MAIN GAME LEVELS: Allows players to build terrain in order to accomplish objectives.

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