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Mogitate Tingle no Barairo Rupee Land






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09/02/06 Nintendo
09/14/07 Nintendo

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The game's plot follows Tingle's transformation from a rather ordinary middle-aged man into his green-clothed fairy persona. Such a story starts when one day a voice calls Tingle from his home to a spring west of his house. Here, Uncle Rupee, an old man with a Rupee-shaped head, appears and offers Tingle a life in a paradise called Rupeeland if he continues to throw Rupees into the western pool. If enough Rupees are fed, the Tower found under the pool will grow upwards towards the sky, and Tingle will be able to enter Rupeeland. Tingle accepts the offer and Uncle Rupee transforms him so that Rupees become his source of life.

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1 48,046 n/a n/a 48,046
2 34,612 n/a n/a 34,612
3 13,479 n/a n/a 13,479
4 22,338 n/a n/a 22,338
5 19,148 n/a n/a 19,148
6 9,838 n/a n/a 9,838
7 10,457 n/a n/a 10,457
8 8,581 n/a n/a 8,581
9 6,130 n/a n/a 6,130
10 5,494 n/a n/a 5,494

Opinion (16)

Cheebee posted 17/01/2012, 07:59
Lulz, I honestly do not believe these European sales.
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AstroMaSSi posted 15/01/2012, 10:25
Very nice game. Poor sales compared to the quality.
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Cheebee posted 17/04/2010, 12:35
C'mon, STILL no European sales? Why not? How come, VGC?
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Cheebee posted 10/10/2009, 02:05
Where are the Others sales??! :o I just now noticed they're missing! Why? It's been out for ages, the numbers should be much, much higher, I know a lot of people in Europe bought the game.

VGC must be trying to intentionally keep sales low, to fool people and make them think's it's a bad game and harm Tingle's wonderful image! How rude.

This game is pure joy, and creativity at its finest. Not kidding here.
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Machina posted 08/02/2009, 08:37
@arsenal - the games we love as gamers aren't necessarily the ones the site gives the highest scores to as reviewers.
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arsenal009 posted 29/01/2009, 12:57
It's one of ur top 10 games & u only gave it a 7.7?

I find it hard to believe there aren't 10 DS games that u would rate 8 or higher.
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