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10/26/10 Electronic Arts
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10/29/10 Electronic Arts

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The Sims return yet again in this third full evolution of the long-running and always-expanding sim series. In this home console version of The Sims 3, players will be able to create Sims with unique personalities, fulfill their desires (... or not,) and control their lives within a living neighborhood. Additionally, all-new features make it easier than ever to mess with life as players can unlock the ultimate "Karma Powers" for instant control and unleash them on their Sims. Players can help their Sim "get lucky," bless them with "instant beauty" or be deviant and curse them with an "epic fail." But players should use these powers wisely—they may have unexpected results and karma may come back to bite. With the Nintendo DS version of the game, players can use the stylus to build their Sims' homes with tools, draw walls and floors, and customize virtually everything from décor objects, textures, and more. Players will use the stylus to sculpt their Sims’ facial features, choose hair styles and clothing, and dictate personalities in the most robust Create a Sim yet for a handheld game. In Story Mode, players will control multiple Sims within a family and enjoy life's special moments. For the first time ever on the Nintendo DS, players can enjoy a complete life simulation as they guide their Sims through completing challenges to unlock additional items, new buildings and landmarks, and more.

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