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レイディアント シルバーガン


Treasure Co., Ltd.



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07/23/98 ESP
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"Now that it's done · · · · ·
I've begun to see the reason why we are here.


Considered to be both a milestone in shooter design and one of the toughest games in the genre, Radiant Silvergun comes courtesy of Japanese developer Treasure. Released only in Japan, Radiant Silvergun offered two modes, Arcade and Saturn mode. The former is all about intense 2D shooting action, while Saturn Mode adds a storyline to the mix and features anime-style characters and voice overs. Radiant Silvergun's most interesting feature is that it did away with the power-up system so prevalent in 2D shooters and instead offered a choice of attacks -- and combos between them. From standard lasers, to split shots, tracking fire, homing blasts, rear attacks, lock-on laser, and the Radiant Sword that can act both as shield and smart bomb, players have to choose the right attack for the right enemy to make it through.

In 2002, Radiant Silvergun got its spiritual successor in the Dreamcast release of Ikaruga, which would later be converted for the Nintendo Gamecube.

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TreasureFanboy posted 15/03/2009, 04:20
One day (when I'll be rich enough to buy a Saturn and this game) I'll get this one for sure!

It's soooo good ;_ ;
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Egghead posted 09/02/2009, 08:00
Bestest game EVER!

It didnt sell to hot i see, they did ship 50k copies of it, im sure by now there are no sealed copies lying in store shelves...

Either way, bring an XBLA port (though its not like its going to sell all that well) but at least now well have an ultimate version of the game with nice updated graphics, translated cutscenes, more options and achievements
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piggychan posted 21/08/2008, 05:10
really intense gameplay and its very long playing from beginning to end!
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HanzoTheRazor posted 20/08/2008, 11:01
10/10 what a shooter indeed. I am still a very proud owner.
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SHMUPGurus posted 13/04/2008, 10:34
I wouldn't be surprised, really. With Ikaruga's recent release on XBLA, I really don't see why it couldn't happen. It has to!
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Ari_Gold posted 04/02/2008, 05:17
rumos has it that treasure is planning a sequel for xbox live arcade
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