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09/29/09 Ubisoft
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10/02/09 Ubisoft

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Long ago, war ravaged the mystical land of Tammabbukku when humans attacked the dragons, attempting to steal the beautiful gems from which they draw their power. Left weak and drained, the noble dragons withdrew into the far corners of the land, dividing the remaining gems by their elemental powers of air, earth, water, and fire. With the gems divided, a new battle has begun from within, and with it, the dark age begins. Key Features: Choose your dragon from one of the four corners of Tammabbukku -Ice Dragons – Powerful head-blows and defensive supremacy dominate -Fire Dragons – Masters of the breath attack -Wind Dragons – Devastate your enemies from above and heal wounds quickly -Earth Dragons – Ferocious tail-strikes and corrosive poisons render even the strongest foes drained Explore the land – Fly over the four corners of a mythological land as you search for gems and dragons -Discover over 40 unique maps -Use your dragon’s breath to uncover hidden treasures! Battle other dragons and recover stolen gems -NEW real-time battles! -Enhance your attacks with special combinations of gems -Use your dragon’s full range of abilities to win battles – Head, Tail, Claws, Breath, or Flight. Which attack will you choose? Customize your dragon – Make your dragon unique by selecting its color, tail, wing style, horns, and body type Challenge your friends in 1x1 duels or Tournament Mode for up to four players. Fight to see whose dragon is the strongest! Plus, get a FREE starter deck to the Battle of Giants Dragons cardgame with every Battle of Giants Dragons DS purchase! Face off with a friend and become Lord of all Dragons Ubisoft

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1 n/a 5,220 n/a 921 6,141
2 n/a 10,032 10,468 3,474 23,974
3 n/a 6,529 7,392 2,355 16,276
4 n/a 7,275 6,305 2,310 15,890
5 n/a 9,004 4,884 2,384 16,272
6 n/a 10,832 4,538 2,651 18,021
7 n/a 10,473 4,405 2,565 17,443
8 n/a 10,854 4,772 2,692 18,318
9 n/a 13,592 5,789 3,341 22,722
10 n/a 12,067 6,360 3,164 21,591

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SaviorX posted 21/11/2009, 12:28
I've seen advertisements for this game. Might be the cause for the upswing in NA sales since Week 3, along with Holiday shopping.
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