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Your Shape





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11/24/09 Ubisoft
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12/04/09 Ubisoft

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Your Shape is a revolutionary new fitness product that is laser-focused on you, ensuring you get the most personalized, effective and fun workout possible.

The Your Shape camera comes with the game and, using proprietary fitness tracking technology, scans your body, giving you a full body shape analysis. The game combines that analysis with the results of your fitness test and your goals to create a personalized fitness program to help you meet your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Unlike any other fitness product, when you begin your workout, the camera projects your image onto the TV. Because the camera tracks your movements, your coach can give you real-time input on how you’re doing and advice on how to do it better.


• Unprecedented Personalization – A full body scan diagnosis, fitness test, and your personal goals combine to create the most personalized workout plan possible. Your unique plan is developed to help you reach your goals within the time that you have. With Your Shape, you can easily create a multi-week program that adjusts as you progress. And each workout flows seamlessly so your heartbeat is up from beginning to end.
• Get the Most Out of Your Workout – The proprietary camera technology projects your image onto your TV, then displays motivational visuals on-screen that adapt based on the rhythm and tone of your workout, so each workout is fresh and exciting. Your coach is by your side helping you perform the exercises. As you exercise, your coach will give you verbal and visual feedback to make sure you get the most out of every minute you invest in your workout. And, if you’re having trouble, the game offers tutorials on all of the exercises – your coach will show you exactly how to perform the move correctly.
• Track Your Progress – Watch yourself succeed with the progress tracker – check it as often as you like to see how much you’ve achieved
• Challenge Yourself – Test your fitness level with the physical challenge, a test designed as a check-in for you to see how much your fitness level has improved. Take it any time!
• Compatible With Your Own Fitness Equipment – Let your coach know what equipment you have at home and she’ll add it to your personal workout!

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Smeags posted 11/04/2011, 04:50
Man, Ubisoft is really making bank with the Wii.
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gumby_trucker posted 07/04/2011, 03:55
next week's million seller
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Mr Puggsly posted 18/02/2011, 06:49
I blame Jenny McCarthy for this not being a bigger hit.
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primogen18 posted 12/02/2011, 10:25
they should really use the camera for other games, its stupid how only one game comes with it and that's it...
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atma998 posted 28/01/2011, 11:26
Wow it sold 15k last week and is now at 0.88M. Million seller confirmed.
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TaroYamada posted 23/02/2010, 01:45
@boneitis, not true, she has great breasts.
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