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11/05/09 Hudson Soft
11/18/09 Hudson Soft
01/07/10 Hudson Soft

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Turn-based strategy fans, your prayers have been answered. Get ready for Military Madness, coming soon as a triple threat to Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation®Network, and WiiWare! Hardcore strategy fans are already frothing at the mouth just from the above sentences, but for the uninitiated, here's a breakdown of what you'll be in for later this year.
Military Madness takes place in the year 2156, where the Earth has become vastly overpopulated. In an effort to preserve the population, Earth establishes lunar penal colonies to remove convicted criminals from the population. Although it's rough treatment for the criminals, the method proves to be effective. Soon however, the prisoners begin to rise up against the minimal security detaining them on the Moon, and begin to threaten the entire planet with a weapon so powerful, it could obliterate all of the Earth's population. The newly founded Xenos (as the prisoners refer to themselves), are determined to take revenge on the planet that cast them onto the cold lunar surface.
This is where you come in. As commander of the Union army, you take part in a mission to take back the lunar surface by outsmarting the Xenos army. The new generation of Military Madness brings classic turn-based strategy gameplay with a fresh coat of paint to bring the universe to life. You've never seen action strategy look so good! Several factors on the battlefield add to the dynamic decision making you'll have to do throughout the course of conducting your operations on the Moon. Unit placement and movement, terrain advantages, and predicting enemy movements all come into play when trying to outsmart your enemy.
Military Madness will come with a platoon of features!  With the newly implemented 4-person multiplayer, you can coordinate strategies or taunt foes in co-op or vs. multiplayer modes!  Whether it's locally or online, no two battles will be the same!  You can also choose commanders with 20 different unique abilities to lead your forces.  Along with online leaderboards which track every detail and statistic, you'll even earn experience in each match like a true general on the field. Additionally, multiple command views let you strategize in 2.5D and let you see your battles unfold in 3D in cinematic camera action.
All these new additions have modernized Military Madness to meet the needs of today's gamer without leaving behind the strategic elements that have made this game a long-standing classic.  Military Madness is coming soon to a downloadable platform near you.  Ten-hut!

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