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05/01/09 Activision
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05/01/09 Activision

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Experience how the ultimate weapon was Uncaged as you reveal Wolverine’s past in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Take on impossible odds and vicious revenge in this year’s most satisfying action game. The team at Raven Software has dedicated Wolverine’s development to true-to-character authenticity and fierce, unstoppable action allowing gamers to take on enemies in ways only Wolverine can.


  • Battle 30,000 feet in the air with no parachute, lunge through spinning helicopter blades, take on entire platoons at once – level after level of relentlessly epic, cinematic gameplay awaits.
  • Slash, slice and stab anything within reach of Wolverine’s Indestructible Adamantium claws with over one-hundred custom moves and long-range lunge attacks.
  • Wolverine’s unique Regeneration Abilities mend bone and muscle tissue in real-time, allowing for non-stop combat and impossible risk-taking.
  • Build up your Rage Abilities to unlock astonishing special-moves, combos and contextual attacks, arming Wolverine with vicious new ways to lay waste to anything standing in his way.
  • Utilize Wolverine’s Feral Senses to expose tactical advantages and weak points in enemies, as well as solve puzzles and discover escape routes.

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2 n/a 5,325 1,905 1,250 8,480
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Opinion (3)

NanakiXI posted 10/05/2009, 11:34
Damn! Hus claws are almost as big as Wolverine himself in those screenshots. I defiantly agree with nordlead here.
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Onyxmeth posted 07/05/2009, 11:19
I've played it. Game's pretty decent. Very difficult though. Fans of Viewtiful Joe should give it a look see.
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nordlead posted 14/04/2009, 02:50
normally I don't complain about graphics, but that just looks bad...
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