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03/04/09 Ubisoft
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03/13/09 Ubisoft

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Immerse yourself for the first time in the world of "Grey’s Anatomy" as Seattle Grace Hospital is struck by one of the worst crises in the hospital’s history. Will these events decide the fate of its staff and patients, or will you?

Live the most intense moments of a "Grey’s Anatomy" crisis through all of your favorite characters' eyes, hands, minds and hearts. Experience the challenge of managing complex relationships, making difficult decisions (in life and in love) and completing surgical procedures .

Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game brings to life all the people and places from one of the most popular TV shows. Experience a whole new story written in collaboration with the "Grey’s Anatomy" TV show production team and writers.

Key Features
This game allows you to truly experience the world of "Grey’s Anatomy" through the eyes of a doctor, the hands of a surgeon, the mind of a professional and the heart of a romantic.

  • Play as the Stars. For the first time ever, play as Meredith, Derek, Cristina or any of your favorite cast members, with 3-D character models based on the original TV actors' likenesses. See the state of Seattle Grace Hospital’s cast as it deals with one of the worst crises in the hospital’s history!
  • Influence the Storyline. Influence character dialogue and make critical decisions that affect the outcome of the storyline and the state of the hospital.
  • Perform Surgeries. Take hold of your Wii Remote™, Nintendo DS stylus or PC mouse to perform multi-step surgeries as you tackle life or death situations in the operating room.
  • Accessible Gameplay. User-friendly interface and innovative gameplay takes advantage of the freedom of the Wii Remote, Nintendo DS stylus and PC mouse.


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Opinion (10)

spurgeonryan posted 10/06/2009, 04:05
Burn Notice would be awesome for Wii. Everyone buy Tiger Woods 2010. IGN gave it higher scores than the other guys!
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spurgeonryan posted 10/06/2009, 04:04
Ok, I know it sold somthing. Where are the numbers?
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Johann posted 09/03/2009, 04:11
Now that's hardcore!
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scottie posted 08/03/2009, 07:36
So, Trauma centre but without the good writing?
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snyperdud posted 07/03/2009, 07:18
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stof posted 06/03/2009, 11:47
If the reviews are good, I'll get it for my girlfriend. She loves the show.
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