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09/27/95 Square
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Chrono Trigger is arguably the best RPG ever. It has some sort of cult like fans to back up these claims. The game came out in 1995 when everyone assumed that Super nes showed all of it`s potential.

It was developed by "The Dream Team" consisting of Hironobu Sakaguchi, Kazuhiko Aoki, Nobuo Uematsu (from Final Fantasy series) and Yuuji Hoji and Akira Toiyama (from Dragon Quest series). Chrno Trigger had all the aspects for being one of the best games ever: diverse, imersive and well composed music, interesting plot, awesome character development, astounishing graphics, simple yet addicting gameplay and features never seen before on a RPG. For example, after finishing the game you could start a new one (new game+) with all your money, items and levels. There was a good reason for this, the game had more than 15 different endings and a lot of extra optional content.

The graphics were amazing. The only games that could compete with CT would be Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean. There lots of special effects, complex animations for the characters and jaw droping backgrounds.

Music was one of the aspects that made CT epic. With enough tracks to make a music only release, CT had a triple cd pack released in Japan. The music would always match the game atmosphere and the players feeling

The story had time travelling as the main theme. It would end up with the usual "save the world" theme but the way it was told made it interesting enough to avoid major rpg cliches.

The characters were really inspiring and diverse. There was a favorite character for almost any kind of personality. Chrono the silent kind hearted hero, Marle the tomboyish princess, Lucca the young genius and Chrono`s best friend, Frog the noble knight with sense of duty, Robo the lonely and friendly robot from a post apocalipt world, Ayla the lively and strong cavewoman.

The battles were one of the aspects that made CT so good. It was so simple that anyone could enjoy it. There were 3 commands: attack, tech and item. Attack and item are self explanatory, tech used lots of exclusive character moves and could combine two or three characters to unleash new or improved attacks and magics. All the characters had some kind of exclusive elemental spells (two of them shared elementals but had different moves) making them nore unique and useful for certain situations. A lot of years before Final Fantasy XI, CT avoided the shift from world view and battle view. The enemies could be seen on the map and the battles would happen when you got close. The battle was really fast paced and helped avoid boring and slow level building battles.

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Opinion (59)

Keybladewielder posted 19/12/2015, 09:27
Grindfest? lol This game's pacing is godly.
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ExplodingBlock posted 19/02/2015, 01:46
I don't like this grindfest
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squibbfire posted 11/03/2014, 03:06
Fantastic game!...A surprise Masterpiece!
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AshKetchum1992 posted 18/10/2013, 04:32
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JazzB1987 posted 27/04/2011, 09:38
I own this game in mint condition but never played it lool. Im from germany and this never made it to europe. Americans go check Terranigma thats our ChronoTrigger. Terranigma is my fav RPG on the snes and in general.
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quigontcb posted 31/10/2010, 04:15
Anyways, I never played this game until this year. It was a blast and I still cant get some of the music outta my head. Love it!
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