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America - Front

America - Back

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09/27/95 Square
03/11/95 Square
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As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (61)

Keybladewielder posted 19/12/2015, 09:27
Grindfest? lol This game's pacing is godly.
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ExplodingBlock posted 19/02/2015, 01:46
I don't like this grindfest
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squibbfire posted 11/03/2014, 03:06
Fantastic game!...A surprise Masterpiece!
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AshKetchum1992 posted 18/10/2013, 04:32
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BasilZero posted 31/01/2012, 12:59
Truly one of the best games ever made, it is one of the best RPGs if not THE BEST ever made. The game broke many barriers and limitations that most other RPGs of its time had and paved way a road for future RPGs. One of the best storylines and a original cast of characters, amazing gameplay and beautiful visuals and music, this game will capture your heart if you are new to the series or to RPGs. RPG lovers will surely enjoy this timeless classic as the game has aged perfectly throughout the years, even to this day the game has been remade and re-enhanced several times as it has been released on the Playstation, Nintendo DS and recently the iOS. Regardless of what system you get it on, this game is and will be worth every single penny. 9.9/10
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BasilZero posted 11/01/2012, 06:11
Epic game, recommend every RPG fan and SNES fan to play this!
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