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11/03/03 Activision
10/28/04 Capcom
11/07/03 Activision

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Assume the role of rogue Elite Operations Division (E.O.D.) Operative Nick Kang, a no-holds-barred badass, whose brutal reputation and lethal skills have landed him the nasty task of taking down the Chinese Triad and Russian Mafia cartel that has turned the City of Angels into a war zone in True Crime: Streets of L.A.

Take part in explosive gun battles with double-fisted firepower, devastating martial arts brawls, and high-speed shootouts across 250 square miles of an accurately recreated Los Angeles cityscape. In car or on-foot, the unique branching missions include locating hostile witnesses, searching for case-cracking clues, taking out evasive informants, and busting the heavily armed and deadly bad guys.

  • Trifecta of gaming: True Crime: Streets of L.A. seamlessly blends action and driving genres, by allowing you to drive, fight, run, and gun anywhere in the game world. Over the course of a single mission, you can engage in car chases, on-foot pursuits, gunfights, and hand-to-hand combat, as you try to take down big-time crime.
  • Fast and frantic driving: Car chases in True Crime: Streets of L.A. take on a manic quality. Commandeer any vehicle in the game and to target and shoot at perpetrators from a moving car.
  • Take down the bad guys Hong Kong style: True Crime: Streets of L.A. features a unique hand-to-hand combat system that allows you to perform a huge variety of maneuvers, including punches, kicks, combinations, grapples, and stealth attacks.
  • Deal out justice with massive gunfights: Ferocious gun battles, an arsenal of weapons, slow-motion dives, the ability to target multiple enemies, and precision firing give an entirely unique feel and intensity to combat.
  • Near endless gameplay: A branching story line (with more than 100 missions) and free-roaming random missions enable True Crime: Streets of L.A. to deliver multiple outcomes and near limitless replayability.
  • Live and die in L.A.: Hundreds of square miles of realistically recreated L.A. streets, including landmarks and popular areas, such as Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and downtown.

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