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Brick' Em All DS

Simple DS Series Vol. 4: The Block Kuzushi





Release Dates

06/20/06 D3 Publisher
10/27/05 D3 Publisher
09/29/06 D3 Publisher

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Your newest addiction is served!

The way to kill time while having fun is here! Jam packed with levels ranging from super simple to uber-difficult, Break’em All is a single or multi player action game that you won’t be able to put down. Ping pong your way through each level, destroying every brick in your path to reach the boss! Once there, find its weak spot and hit ‘em where it hurts! Play up to eight friends or opponents in Survival Mode or up to 4 players in the Quest Mode. Regardless of how you play or who you play, you must BREAK ‘EM ALL!…

  • Maneuver your way through randomly generated levels in Tokoton mode. Over 3 million possible variations!
  • Fight your way through quest mode and out-duel 12 challenging end-level bosses, each with their own weak spots.
  • Control your paddle with pin-point accuracy using the touch pad and stylus.
  • Select from 12 diverse bonus powers for your ball: bombs, lasers, mirror, fast, catch, slow, 5-way, and more!
  • Fight for dominance in wireless multi-player games accommodating 2-8 players!


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1 n/a 2,180 n/a 385 2,565
2 n/a 1,519 n/a 268 1,787
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8 n/a 800 n/a 141 941
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10 n/a 672 n/a 119 791

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