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The Professor's Brain Trainer: Logic

Shichida Shiki Training Unou Tanren Unotan DS: Shun Kan Shoubu! Shuuchuuryoku





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11/17/06 Majesco
11/23/05 Interchannel
02/09/07 505 Games

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Boost your brain power with the only game series designed to improve concentration by using the "right brain development theory" of renowned researcher Makoto Shichida. Gamma waves emitted by your brain are often associated with problem-solving and perception. The challenging head games in Brain Boost Gamma Wave will help develop your mental muscle so you can reach your full right brain potential!

  • Based on Makoto Shichida's "right brain development theory"
  • Includes five different types of progressively difficult brain training games where speed and accuracy count: Remember Colors, Remember Numbers, Remember Circumstances, Remember Faces and Remember Images
  • Two game modes: Training and Challenge
  • Each game type contains 4 levels with 20 problems in each. Achieve 50% in Training levels and 60% in Challenge levels to progress
  • Identify the correct answer from four multiple choice options
  • Score points for correct answers and earn bonus points for time remaining on the clock
  • Track your right brain development via training scores

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