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Alternative Names

Lock's Quest: Shinmai Akinia Hyakunichi Sensou

ロックス・クエスト ~新米アーキニアの百日戦争


5TH Cell



Other Versions

PS4, XOne

Release Dates

09/08/08 THQ
02/19/09 THQ
09/26/08 THQ

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Face the full force of a robot invasion and defend your kingdom using both brains and brawn in Lock’s Quest for Nintendo DS.

To save the day, you’ll have to build settlements that will stand up to the attacks of the marauding Clockwork Army, as well as prove your worth as a warrior on the battlefield.

Lock lives with his grandfather in a seaside village and dreams of one day becoming a famous Archineer. To fulfill his ambition, he’ll have to fine-tune the skills his mysterious elder taught him and aid in his people’s battle with the Clockwork Army by building traps, walls, weapons and other defences to protect the precious artefacts housed within the kingdom.

It’s up to you to guide him on his quest, balancing the need to create expensive towers that will stand up to stronger attacks with the important task of spreading your defensive havens far and wide. How you choose to build on the Touch Screen will dictate how the game pans out, with your decisions creating a unique game experience every time you play.

As well as constructing safe and secure villages, you’ll take charge of Lock as he switches from Archineer to warrior and battles against the Clockwork Army on the frontline. Special moves to mow down the enemy can be activated on the Touch Screen, and once you’ve laid the robots to ruin you can salvage scrap metal and use it to make essential repairs to your constructions.

Once you’re satisfied your Archineering skills are up to scratch, you can challenge a friend who also has a copy of the game and wage war to see how your friend’s strategy skills measure up to yours.

Archineer the perfect strategy to save your kingdom and become both defensive mastermind and potent attacking force.

  • Ward off invading robots by creating defense structures on 100 different map areas and step into combat to help protect what you’ve built.
  • Use the Nintendo DS Touch Screen and stylus to build your defences and trigger special moves in combat.
  • Test your Archineering skills against a friend in two-player battles via Multi-Card Play

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Total Sales
1 n/a 2,310 n/a 408 2,718
2 n/a 1,183 n/a 209 1,392
3 n/a 786 n/a 139 925
4 n/a 582 n/a 103 685
5 n/a 504 n/a 89 593
6 n/a 472 n/a 83 555
7 n/a 456 n/a 80 536
8 n/a 396 n/a 70 466
9 n/a 363 n/a 63 426
10 n/a 338 n/a 58 396

Opinion (10)

spurgeonryan posted 02/07/2011, 07:46
With 140 million owners + you would think that something like this would have eeked out more.
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outlawauron posted 25/06/2009, 04:19
Man this flopped badly.
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arsenal009 posted 05/03/2009, 02:50
Damn these sales are terrible. All those games for girls THQ makes sell way better than this. I guess we have to blame piracy on this one :(
Message | Report
atma998 posted 18/02/2009, 02:29
Those numbers are really hard to believe.
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CONMAN15 posted 09/12/2008, 12:32
no I have a hard time believing these sales. I just picked this up and its fantastic. Drawn to life sold really well though, and I doubt this costed too much so theyre probably doing alright. Scribble nauts looks great though. 5th cell seems to be an awesome dev.
Message | Report
badgenome posted 06/12/2008, 10:35
WTF? How could it have possibly sold this little?
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