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07/15/08 EA Sports
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NCAA Football 09 All-Play debuts on the Wii with stylized gameplay that is quick and easy for fans to jump in and out of great head-to-head action. The game features All-Play controls, a multiplayer social experience that allows novice users to compete against advanced players and still enjoy success. All-Play controls are designed for the more novice fans, but also feature a traditional default setting for the more seasoned veterans. NCAA Football 09 All-Play features nearly 200 schools. [Electronic Arts]

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1 n/a 31,632 n/a 5,582 37,214
2 n/a 12,052 n/a 2,127 14,179
3 n/a 6,360 n/a 1,122 7,482
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GOONYDUDE posted 09/01/2009, 07:18
This game is missing many features plus the graphics are pretty bad compared to last gen.
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imarc posted 16/08/2008, 04:09
Unfortunatley, it took me a couple of hours to get my NCAA football fix taken care of enough to really start to dislike this game.

Controls are awkward. Graphics are worse than previous generation console versions. It's missing features like online play and downloadable rosters that EA listed as features on their website until about a week after they released the game.

Why EA? Why?
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Jackson50 posted 03/08/2008, 05:42
Best box art ever!!! Go Spartans!!!
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arsenal009 posted 31/07/2008, 04:01
I actually think the box art is pretty cool. But it's going to throw everybody off & they will think it's not the real game just a cartoony version & lead ppl to buy this on diff. consoles. EA is making a big marketing mistake with this.
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Sylvain316 posted 23/07/2008, 12:53
The boxart is very cool and sympathic. Much better than the ps3/xbox version.
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Parokki posted 23/07/2008, 09:59
At first I was surprised by how much less the Wii version of this game was selling... then the box art explained everything.

"lololol, let's make a retard version of the game for the retard casuals lol" -_-
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