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Compete at the highest level of street racing with Need for Speed™ ProStreet. It's no longer good enough to simply rule your local neighbourhood you need to dominate on a global stage. Build the ultimate battle machine, take it to multi-disciplinary showdowns and pit your skills and reputation against the world's best street racers. This is your chance to prove that you have what it takes to be crowned the next street king.

Need for Speed ProStreet is your ultimate taste of the chaos and unbridled adrenaline of street racing. Pushing yourself and your car to the edge can lead to mistakes and this time those mistakes have consequences. Think swirling fields of debris, shredded fiberglass and heinously twisted metal. Every dent, every scratch and every crumpled body panel is a battle scar, proof of your commitment and competitive mettle. 

Compete on some of the world's most iconic racing locations - Tokyo's Shuto Expressway, the Autobahn and the Nevada desert. The atmosphere is electric - complete with energetic crowds, photo-realistic cars and billowing smoke - all designed to embody the pressure and intensity of the gladiatorial challenge known as Show Down. Need for Speed ProStreet is the realisation of the raw power, visceral aggression and intense rivalry that embodies street racing culture.

Key features

Real, Adrenaline-Fueled Racing

Experience the raw power of steet racing with a brand new physics engine and feel the fire of competition with an intuitively refined AI engine that smartly delivers on real driving behaviours.

Dominate Across All Racing Disciplines

Becoming the Street King isn't about winning one single event. You need to prove yourself in four distinct styles of racing. Unleash the power of the beast in a reinvented Drag mode. Master the art of control with Tandem drift, and experience the intensity and rivalry of elite competition with Grip Racing. Completely new to the game is Speed Challenge, an ultimate test of speed and control.

Ride the Edge of Disaster

Street racing is violent and mistakes have consequences. Cars can be torn apart using truly advanced and comprehensive damage capturing technology. Witness cars colliding, metal denting, and debris billowing. To further amplify the realism, crash repercussions such as smoke, dirt spray and dust clouds can affect all racers on the track.

Redefining Competitive Social Play

Packed with ingenious features that will amp the spirit of competition and create for the ultimate showdown between you and your friends. The rules have drastically changed making for a more intense and aggressive online arena.

Performance Drives Results

Your machine doesn't have to look like much - as long as there are secrets underneath that hood. For the first time ever, see the impact of the Autosculpt technology on performance - all in real time. Sculpt your cars inside a wind tunnel and choose from hundreds of real-world, aftermarket parts to build your ultimate battle machine.

Share your Tuning Capabilities with the World

Once you've designed it share it. The all new Blueprints feature allows you to upload your visual and performance customization settings online. Once downloaded, you'll be credited each time your design is used to dominates in a race.

Photo Real Cars and Worlds

Boasts cars that exude power, menace and raw energy with their look and sound along with the most realistic smoke ever seen in a racing game. Authentic and relevant real world track locations and the best street drives from around the globe combine to create the most stunning racing environments ever.

Electronic Arts UK

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Opinion (2)

gundaniumarmy posted 31/01/2008, 02:30
EA really needs to reconsider their choice of ditching the Most Wanted and Carbon style of games. While they do get repetitive, they're still unbelievably fun to play. In my opinion the biggest fatality in the making of this game was the exclusion of pursuits. The races do tend to get repetitive after a while and therefore the replay value is greatly hampered, but the cops add an element of surprise and twist that make the game worth playing. No matter how good you were at racing you always knew that the cops could turn the tables at any moment and make things difficult for you. If I was to change anything about ProStreet, it would be the exclusion of the cops.
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Mummelmann posted 26/01/2008, 01:06
Very, very, very tired of the same recipe for the 5th game in a row now... There is nothing here for old fans, but newcomers to the series might enjoy it to a certain extent.
Why try to make NFS a sim? First off; it just isn't a sim, nowhere near. And secondly; there are other (real) sims out there that yield so much better gameplay and are miles and miles ahead on all fronts, not the least of which is realism.
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