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11/12/07 THQ
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02/29/08 THQ

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In SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis, SpongeBob and Patrick stumble upon the lost magical amulet that will take them to the legendary city of Atlantis. Players will join them and the rest of their Bikini Bottom pals as they ride in a magical bus for a soaking new adventure. Hoping to uncover the treasures of Atlantis in order to fulfill SpongeBob's dream of finding the "World's Oldest Bubble," players will control whether the city brings everything he desires, or if Plankton's evil plan will burst his bubble. *

Play the entire, brand-new Atlantis SquarePantis TV episode.

* Explore the lost city of Atlantis and meet its wacky inhabitants. *

Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton.

* Awesome action-packed levels with unlockable objectives: o Invade Atlantis in the mighty Super-Scooper Tank

o Get cultured by creating high art with Squidward o Sing your heart out to power the magic bus to Atlantis *

Unlockable bonus features include:

o "Director's Commentary" on the game by SpongeBob himself

o Exciting multi-player mini-games in the Amoeba Arcade

o Customize SpongeBob with stylish outfits and accessories

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1 n/a 9,071 n/a 1,601 10,672
2 n/a 12,553 n/a 2,215 14,768
3 n/a 11,077 n/a 1,955 13,032
4 n/a 17,687 n/a 3,121 20,808
5 n/a 33,525 n/a 5,916 39,441
6 n/a 55,388 n/a 9,774 65,162
7 n/a 24,873 n/a 4,389 29,262
8 n/a 12,501 n/a 2,206 14,707
9 n/a 7,977 n/a 1,408 9,385
10 n/a 7,167 n/a 1,265 8,432
acdcste posted 25/04/2012, 07:21
How on earth is this game selling more this week than skyward sword!
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dante posted 20/06/2008, 02:35
if this game has one owner on the site who probably did it as a joke how did it get such high ratings

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StarcraftManiac posted 25/05/2008, 08:39
Whoow, this game kicks more ass then GTA...
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Chadius posted 23/04/2008, 09:03
*inserts commentary about broken review system*
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Deegan posted 18/04/2008, 02:53
wowwww, better than Zelda, Metroid, Mario and Smash Bros!
Gotta buy this game! Game of the yearrr!
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Strategyking92 posted 15/04/2008, 01:29
why? just.. why?
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