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03/20/07 D3 Publisher
12/14/06 D3 Publisher
03/30/07 D3 Publisher

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The EDF needs you! Planet Earth is under attack from alien invaders and Earth Defense Force™ 2017 is our only hope. Grab your gun, join your squad, and repel the attacking forces in this action-packed, arcade-style shooter, exclusive to Xbox 360™. You are Earth's last line of defense!

  • Battle alien hordes: Face off against a wide variety of attackers ranging from giant insects to monsters standing more than 20 stories tall. With non-stop swarms of literally hundreds of enemies on screen at once, these chaotic battles are unlike anything you have ever seen before.
  • Utilize a mighty arsenal of weapons: You are armed to the teeth with an array of 170 different varieties of 7 different weapons: Assault rifles, rocket launchers, flame throwers, grenades, and much more!
  • Experience more than 50 missions: Engage the enemy in 50 all-out battles. Battle alongside your EDF squad mates through city streets, caves, and coasts to repel the alien invaders on all fronts.
  • Command powerful military vehicles: Take control of battle tanks, giant armored mechs, attack helicopters, and hover bikes to triumph over your enemies.
  • Team up for victory: The odds may seem impossible, but you are not alone. Fight by the side of your EDF teammates. This crew of fearless soldiers will charge in to battle fearlessly by your side and assist you throughout the game. Join in with friends in co-op mode and work together to defeat the alien swarms.
  • Destroy the environment: As you battle the alien invaders, stray shots can bring down skyscrapers, bridges, and any other structure. Will  you cause more destruction than the invaders in your quest for victory?



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Boneitis posted 24/10/2009, 12:54
I have mixed feelings about this game. An enjoyable arcade style shooter. Online play alone could add a lot of value.
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mrstickball posted 05/07/2009, 06:13
They used to have American sales...Seems they backtracked. EDF sold better in JP than they are tracking, as per Famitsu.

Just picked it up for $6.99 at a buy one get one sale at Blockbuster. Great times. I'm at 44% complete. Such a fantastic game for co-op.
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marciosmg posted 14/09/2008, 02:35
This game is broken in so many ways, yet I cant stop playing it. I have finished it on Easy, Normal and Hard, and Im up to level 46 on Hardest. Im gonna beat it 100%

Its really fun in a B movie sort of way.
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LordMatrix posted 13/12/2007, 03:54
Where the heck are the American sales. It been out for almost a year show the dang sales already!
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