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11/05/07 Activision
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11/23/07 Activision

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Ohmygoodness! The triplets and dronkeys are loose in Shrek's world!

Your ogre and dronkey are ready for an adventure! Take them out into Shrek’s fun and exciting fairytale land. Explore Shrek’s swamp, the candy-filled world of Gingyland, Dragon’s Castle and more with your favorite Shrek characters. Shrek, Donkey, Fiona and all of your fairytale favorites lend a hand to help you raise the ogres and dronkeys. Use the skills you teach them to solve wacky puzzles and overcome challenges on the adventure of their lives! Discover cool new toys on your journey into exciting new lands!

Shrek and Fiona’s energetic triplets will appear along side Donkey and Dragon’s playful offspring, the dronkeys, exclusively on the Nintendo DS. You'll have the chance to train, play, and explore with your mischievous new friends on wild adventures throughout the hilarious world of Shrek.

- Pick one of three adorable ogres or from one of the five playful dronkeys from the Shrek movies.

- Teach them new skills to help them on their adventures

- The more they learn, the more items you can buy- like fun toys, funny hats, masks and more!

- Use the stylus to care for your ogre and dronkey.

- When they get hungry, feed them.

- When they get dirty, brush their teeth and give them a bath.





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MontanaHatchet posted 21/11/2007, 10:12
Lol, dronkeys XD
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