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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3) > Opinions (406)

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leo-j posted 27/04/2009, 08:33
on PSN they make there full $40
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Max King of the Wild posted 18/04/2009, 05:59
3.31 was also generous considering the numbers are 4 months old
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Max King of the Wild posted 16/04/2009, 08:39
PD has this at 3.31 as of end of Dec.

3.31million x $20 = $66,200,000

i don't know about you guys but i think dev costs are nearly paid off.

i was also being generous with the $20 since being publisher, developer, and console manufacturer you get about 2/3rds of a $60 game. 2/3rds of $40 is about $26.66 and ontop of that they probably get 3/4ths (pulled this one outta my ass) of the $40 downloads. but then you got to consider bundles and thats why i said $20.

going with that $27 figure better case scenerio would be $89,370,000
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halil23 posted 15/04/2009, 03:29
Don't forget this does not track PSN downloads, so I'm guessing over 3.5mil now!
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Carl posted 14/04/2009, 06:30
Nice. Hit 3 million
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Jo21 posted 13/04/2009, 05:52
i am trying to find it, :( hard in the japanese psn.
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Aj_habfan posted 12/04/2009, 07:02
It should beat the 3 million mark before the end of its first month...
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kersed3 posted 11/04/2009, 09:28
this got more then double the GT4 Proluge... but i dont think GT5 will outsell GT4.

Im hoping Sony decides to bundle GT5... that would definently gaurantee to beat the 3 million mark.
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Spectre35 posted 11/04/2009, 05:45
>7 millions for GT5 sure.
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Aj_habfan posted 08/04/2009, 10:27
Wow, 3 million!
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Skeeuk posted 05/04/2009, 08:57
@typhoid............ gt3 reached 15 million of a lesser userbase than the ps3 now.

gt5 will be the 1st full game on a hd console it will have stella sales and should be an awsome game

i think gt5p is 3.3million with downloads
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metalgearmatt posted 04/04/2009, 11:06
So is this game still worth getting? Does anyone play online?
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TyePhoid_PAL posted 04/04/2009, 12:59
Funny how a lot of people on this site think GT wont get halo 3 numbers. If this demo gets to 3m then GT5 will get around 10m. If halo can gt definitely can
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Squall_Leonhart posted 04/04/2009, 11:51
Finally 3 million!! This game is great!
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imran_nxt posted 04/04/2009, 08:24
Congrats GT!
Message | Report
twingo posted 04/04/2009, 12:24
Even with MGS4 in Japan, damn good.
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bashu posted 03/04/2009, 03:00
3 million at last! :)
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non-gravity posted 01/04/2009, 04:35
10k to go to 3 million

I wonder how much it sold over PSN

Message | Report
ShadowSoldier posted 30/03/2009, 01:29
For a demo thats pretty incredible
Message | Report
pslee posted 22/03/2009, 05:48
i cany stop playing this game. no matter what i play, at the end i come back playing this game with my G25 wheel set up!
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DiplomaticImmunity posted 21/03/2009, 05:19
nice sales
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Cowboys4u86 posted 20/03/2009, 06:23
No racing game can touch GT5 Prologue for visuals. Cant' believe this has shifted 3 million copies though. Especially as it's not a full game and was written off by most Sony haters as a demo.
Message | Report
metalgearmatt posted 12/03/2009, 09:58
I wonder how many people are actually going to get the full version. There are dumb people who will think its the same game...
Message | Report
NanakiXI posted 11/03/2009, 07:38
Best selling demo ever CONFIRMED!
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NicholasCage posted 11/03/2009, 04:47
Should sell 3mil this week.
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 10/03/2009, 12:39
I can smell 3m from here.
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headshot91 posted 08/03/2009, 09:51
Egghead posted 03/12/2008, 03:10
Wow this sold really well this week, such an underated game, graphically miles better than GT5P (pgr4)
Do you people think that gt5p looks better/worse than pgr4?
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 07/03/2009, 08:01
Is this going to hit 3 million or what?

Seems like it's been in the 2.9 range for ages.
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Kantor posted 05/03/2009, 08:58
Triple million seller in a couple of weeks. Nice, that makes seven triple millions, eight will follow soon (maybe even earlier) with World at War.
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Squall_Leonhart posted 04/03/2009, 05:24
Not long until 3 million now! This game is great fun to play and it is only a taster of what it yet to come with the full GT5!
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Serious_frusting posted 01/03/2009, 06:32
wow look at the legs of this game sold 640k first week and is now at 3mil
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 28/02/2009, 11:39
yes get this...
Message | Report
metalgearmatt posted 24/02/2009, 02:25
Is this game worth a buy for $25? Do people still paly online?
Message | Report
scourge666 posted 24/02/2009, 12:45
combine with psn sales and this is one successful game
Message | Report
Kyuu posted 16/02/2009, 12:26
Unreal sales for a Demo-like game! I wonder how many copies the full Gran Turismo 5 will sell out! I think it would hit 3 mil first week.
Message | Report
Max King of the Wild posted 16/02/2009, 07:48
3.01 million according to PD. those are shipped and DLed i belive. good job sony
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321tttrini4everz posted 15/02/2009, 05:02
polygony digital should wait until this game hit 7million (disc+downloads) to release GT5

this game is about to own MGS4 in japan
Message | Report
Trent posted 14/02/2009, 11:03
Come On 3 Mill
Message | Report
invetedlotus123 posted 10/02/2009, 10:24
The first PS3 million seller in Japan?
Message | Report
pearLy posted 10/02/2009, 10:48
It will hit 3m in a little bit more than a month if it sells as well as this week (24,700 ww).
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 10/02/2009, 01:17
Yea, it is.
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NicholasCage posted 08/02/2009, 08:47
It sold 13k in Japan alone Jan 25-Feb 1

Is it bundled there or something, because that's crazy.
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 07/02/2009, 10:00
no but im sure they will in da future...but not under this, it will be under psn games i think...
Message | Report
Jaaau! posted 07/02/2009, 03:14
do they count the copies sold through PSN?
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 04/02/2009, 03:14
Hmm, this should reach 3 million by at least June. I'm impressed that this has sold so well. Obviously being bundled helps... but still. Gives me hope for the full thing when it comes out in 2010.
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jmcraddock posted 04/02/2009, 01:55
for a proluge, this game sure is doing good. It beat all the other proluges in the series, and is beating sales for lots of other ps3 games
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 03/02/2009, 12:30
@ Batman...WTF?

You've obviously never played Gran Turismo, there is always a prologue... or at least there has been for the last two releases.
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Simulacrum posted 30/01/2009, 07:19
Huge numbers...For "demo".
Message | Report
Batman...WTF? posted 29/01/2009, 03:51
We needed a prologue for a racing game?
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 26/01/2009, 08:56

it was over some 300K I believe

so yeah half the sales are from bundles in japan ONLY
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 26/01/2009, 04:52
Weren't the sales like...200k before bundles? There's nothing wrong with the game being sold in bundles, but don't pretend like the game tripling its sales all of a sudden a year after release is just coming from being a great game.
Message | Report
Barozi posted 25/01/2009, 11:59

So you disagree with me, that about 50% of all Japanese sales come from bundles ?
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 25/01/2009, 07:45
This should make 3 million sometime soon, and i'm sure that when this released all the nay-sayers would never have imagined that!
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 25/01/2009, 06:10
this game is awesome!
Message | Report
coolestguyever posted 25/01/2009, 04:30
Yeah don't worry, every single sale from this game is from bundles. Its not a popular series at all. GT3 only sold a measly 14 million
Message | Report
Barozi posted 25/01/2009, 02:03
@ metalgearmatt

It's heavily bundled over there
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 20/01/2009, 10:21
Nevermind a few years, it is happening right now, lol.

Sales are amazing Others though. I can't imagine GT5 sales. 5m?
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 19/01/2009, 08:25
some newbie in a few years will think this had great legs in japan...
Message | Report
metalgearmatt posted 17/01/2009, 06:03
Japan sales have really picked up steam!
Message | Report
chido posted 16/01/2009, 07:07
i think itl come out in november
Message | Report
Barozi posted 13/01/2009, 08:10
Well I think because people know that GT5 will arrive in late 09 or even (and I think more likely) in 2010.

GT4 was released only 10 months after GT4 Prologue.
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 11/01/2009, 08:53
The sales for this are amazing, for a so called 'glorified demo that will sell minimal amounts' as stated on here by quite a few people lol!
Message | Report
chido posted 10/01/2009, 05:58
i bet the full game is going to have like 1000 cars, and will sell a lot more. and maybe they are also waiting for more people to buy a ps3 so that when they release the game it will sell millions on week 1.
Message | Report
Barozi posted 09/01/2009, 08:04
I never would have bought it for 40€. I got it for half the price :)
Message | Report
gundamx posted 07/01/2009, 07:43
awesome game come on 3million. 4 the price it is its worth it:)
Message | Report
Spectre35 posted 06/01/2009, 09:09
Maybe more than 3 millions with PSN version.
Message | Report
brazylianwisnia posted 05/01/2009, 12:40
It's amazing that it's only a small part of GT5 and it's selling so good.Full GT5 will reach 7mln witout problem.Many people will buy PS3 only for this game.
Message | Report
TyePhoid_PAL posted 04/01/2009, 02:59
Gona reach 3M easily.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 04/01/2009, 12:28
I'd laugh if this ended up being the highest selling PS3 game in Japan. It's a real possibility at this point.
Message | Report
viewsonic9 posted 30/12/2008, 03:08
I would love to know how many download copies have been sold. I think its possible this could have already done 4m+
Message | Report
erodrig85 posted 27/12/2008, 06:17
this game its the best simulator for a car racing game and what i like its is stuning visuals and how deep this game is well i bought it and wow amazing nothing compare to it i hope they make another update with some extra cars and some rain effects or even tracks in night !
Message | Report
TyePhoid_PAL posted 20/12/2008, 10:09
This just keeps on selling.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 20/12/2008, 01:44
This game is selling like crazy, its legs are huge in OTHERS, and Japan, could this actuallly hit 3 million o-O
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 14/12/2008, 01:50
with the downloads numbers, this must be the 3rd best selling title for PS3
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 13/12/2008, 07:09
this will touch 3 million soon, which is amazing
Message | Report
Gilgamesh posted 13/12/2008, 03:57
@Jerseyboy609: Well it's bundled in Japan so yeh it'll more then likely pass America
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 12/12/2008, 11:31
I think it will
Message | Report
jerseyboy609 posted 12/12/2008, 09:53

Japan will outsell America?
Message | Report
L1L_D420 posted 07/12/2008, 02:31
i bet 2.75 Million after Christmas
Message | Report
s-grandi93 posted 06/12/2008, 08:46
such a good game... i cant wait to see the full games sales!
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 03/12/2008, 08:27
still selling incredibly well.even in japan.Perhaps this game will sell until gt5?
Message | Report
PS360ForTheWin posted 03/12/2008, 04:44
2.35m and thats not counting downloads on the PSN, im telling you, the full game will sell 10m
Message | Report
321tttrini4everz posted 01/12/2008, 03:13
wow....vgcz should track downloads
i mean,i bet this game is well on its way to 4million(downloads+Blu ray sales combined)
Message | Report
FPSrules posted 01/12/2008, 05:49
one of my friends kept talking about how hott this racing series was, so i said ok let me try it out.

after a while i fell in love with it, this game is truly amazing and a must have for any PS3 owner
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 29/11/2008, 11:48
how? is this game selling 55k this week? curious.
Message | Report
Judeophobia posted 26/11/2008, 03:15
Amazing graphics to go along with the best racing series on Earth.
Message | Report
Fel_Br posted 20/11/2008, 01:01
Message | Report
kunaixhaku posted 17/11/2008, 05:15
omg they're a genius 2.2million of a demo and im pretty sure there's a another million downloaded from psn. wow easy way to make money off a garunteed 10 million sold. Helps boost up ps3 sales, helps make them money, gives them enough time and money to make the real thing better. win! win!! win!!!
Message | Report
Jo21 posted 14/11/2008, 05:49
i can't believe they managed to sell 2.2 millions over a demo.
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 11/11/2008, 06:46
really want....badly.
Message | Report
playnext3 posted 02/11/2008, 06:50
oh yeah good to owne this game cant f''''''g wait for the finall version
gt5 goona have a 10 everywere
Message | Report
Jast3r Rogu3 posted 30/10/2008, 10:15
1080p@60fps = God of graphics.
Message | Report
oliminator1994 posted 25/10/2008, 03:46
Is this game worth getting at christmas?
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 16/10/2008, 02:15
well we can hope in next update, ive gone back onto it now saving for the new citroen gt car
Message | Report
TyePhoid_PAL posted 15/10/2008, 06:26
3 new cars with the latest update. Nice but whats the point if there are no race rooms with friends or voice chat. Absolute disgrace to miss these features on a flagship title.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 07/10/2008, 03:54
Best selling prolauge game so far
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 16/09/2008, 08:53
game is still ace, cant wait for updated later this year
Message | Report
TyePhoid_PAL posted 14/09/2008, 08:43
Whens this getting bundled again?
Message | Report
hunter_alien posted 14/09/2008, 11:08
3 million LT with DL is almost certain :D
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 11/09/2008, 05:04
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 11/09/2008, 02:45
2 million! + downloads... who knows... 3 million maybe.
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 11/09/2008, 03:40
Message | Report
hunter_alien posted 08/09/2008, 12:59
I dont think it sold a million since then =))
Message | Report
321tttrini4everz posted 06/09/2008, 05:00
it shipped 2.23million (including downloads) on april 30th

it is probably around 3.2 million right now
Message | Report
Aprisaiden posted 06/09/2008, 01:11
I wish we new PSN sales for this game -- but anyway 2 million retail is excellent. It's probably at 2.5 million+ with PSN downloads.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 31/08/2008, 06:05
its more then 2 k away from 2 mil. look at the charts to see the actual number. it needs just around 20k... so 2 weeks and say helo 2 2 mil.

do these salez include the psn sales of it?
Message | Report
TyePhoid_PAL posted 27/08/2008, 05:35
Getting bundled again, should see some impressive sales.
Message | Report
Jo21 posted 26/08/2008, 10:54
GT5 SALES will be huge.
Message | Report
Mike92r posted 24/08/2008, 02:28
Just 3K and it will break the 2 milion :D but I don't think about break the 3 milion :(
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 18/08/2008, 01:12
with download numbers must be at 3 millionk mark
Message | Report
Griffin posted 15/08/2008, 10:25
I finished all my S events and bought my F1 car, i'm so happy now
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 15/08/2008, 02:47
hope to see some trophies on next uptade
Message | Report
DMeisterJ posted 14/08/2008, 03:42
This game is well above 2 million including downloads.

Good for a "demo".
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 31/07/2008, 12:38
more updates for this game this year, one in fact 2mro.

the best ever budget priced game
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 24/07/2008, 09:40
Almost 2 million retail sales, which is great, but it is coming at a cost as it might be responsable for GT5 taking longer to be released.
Message | Report
getrdone posted 20/07/2008, 11:25
About two months ago sony said it sold 200k on the psn store.
Message | Report
Blackcum101 posted 20/07/2008, 02:35
i wonder how much it sold on the psn store
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 17/07/2008, 07:21
Jw. Do these sales also include the PSN sales of this game? Because if they don't I think it'd be over 2 mill now.
Message | Report
Griffin posted 13/07/2008, 01:34
I made it to the 2mil you need to buy the F1 car and it said i could not buy it, so i went online and found out you need to place in the top 3 in all events. I only need S7 and S10, but i've tried these races about 25 times each and with just about every car and i keep on failing, i'm so sad
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 12/07/2008, 10:46
cant wait for the dl content this year
Message | Report
JiaJia posted 07/07/2008, 03:06
Yeh, but thats shipped though.
Impressive numbers nonetheless!
Message | Report
321tttrini4everz posted 04/07/2008, 11:12
did i delete my comment ?..probably...
i will repost then

GT5P sold 2.23 million on april 30th 2008 since release

Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 03/07/2008, 09:04
i had a sharp aquos a 26" i wanted a 1080p aquos 37" but it was to much at the time.

i used a sony bravia 32" and even on 720p it looks phenominal.

i saw it on a 42inch 1080p bravia and it was staggering, i really do not think that 360 or wii can ever do visuals like this. time trials on eiger nordwind track are awsome
Message | Report
JiaJia posted 03/07/2008, 11:03
46 inches too ;)
Message | Report
JiaJia posted 03/07/2008, 11:03
I have a Sony Bravia X series .... and my goodness ... the graphics are absolutely gorgeous ...
Message | Report
TyePhoid_PAL posted 01/07/2008, 07:04
@Skeeuk I have a Sharp Aquos 1080p 37inch. Its a beauty of a game
Message | Report
*bleu-ocelot* posted 29/06/2008, 08:00
I need to pick up my copy.2 million here I come!

Well not really,more like 1.831million.=]
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 28/06/2008, 11:59
updated community features and damage update aswell as loads of other goddies are out later this year.

its a superb game, you should see it in 1080p on a large lcd, it looks and sounds staggering.
Message | Report
NSS7 posted 27/06/2008, 12:24
best selling uncompleted game ever
Message | Report
jedson328 posted 27/06/2008, 04:28
@darthdevidem01 - why would that make you happy? Honestly, I wonder why this game is still selling as much as it is considering GRiD and Burnout are out there. While they may be arcadey type racers, they are superior racing games.

Dont get me wrong, I will buy the full version when it hits. This was pretty much just a cash in to bend over customers twice for the same game.
Message | Report
luistomas8782 posted 26/06/2008, 05:48
this is really a good "prologue" for next years game
Message | Report
Aprisaiden posted 26/06/2008, 09:50
180k to break 2 million. Come on GT5:P.
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 18/06/2008, 09:46
gt4 prologue sold 1.46 million and the full game went on to sell 9.43 million.

gt5 prologue ha sold 1.8 million and i can safely say gt5 next year will sell over 10 million copies life time.
Message | Report
TyePhoid_PAL posted 18/06/2008, 09:44
This needs rooms that you host and invite friends to. I would have played it far more.
Message | Report
ultima33 posted 18/06/2008, 05:01
better then gt4 prologue thats a good sign
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 09/06/2008, 10:02
I still want to know how widespread the bundles are
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 05/06/2008, 02:05
If this game keeps an average of 30K weekly I will be very happy
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 04/06/2008, 11:35
Lovely sales in Europe, but I still don't really know how widespread the bundles are
Message | Report
Aprisaiden posted 04/06/2008, 03:37
only 260k to make 2 million
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 04/06/2008, 01:35
BRILLIANT and low drop ofs
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 02/06/2008, 10:45
Summer 2009
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 01/06/2008, 01:35
when does GT5 come out?
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 31/05/2008, 04:08
I just downloaded a save file with the Ferrari, the S-class events were really hard, especially for a GT noob. They just made me angry and it was the first time I have ever wanted to throw my controller at my PS3 (apart from the two times it broke and when SO 3 froze, but that is a PS2 game)
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 30/05/2008, 01:12

lol....yup....he probably trying to get enough points for the F1 Ferrari..

I only know 1 person who's got it
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 28/05/2008, 03:18
Oh Darth, give him a break. He's probably busy playing the game so much.
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 27/05/2008, 07:40
shouldn't ioi ADD in the Downloads as he has done that for Warhawk..
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 27/05/2008, 09:17
@ maximus, that included dls
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 26/05/2008, 01:08

GT 5 will outsell GT 5 prologue in 1 week
Message | Report
MaximusOptimus posted 26/05/2008, 08:26
Official info released has this title above 2.2 million as of April 2008.
Message | Report
obieslut posted 24/05/2008, 07:53
not bad for a demo, i wonder how well GT5 will sell
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 23/05/2008, 11:45
VEry strong sales!
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 23/05/2008, 04:04
more 7-10 weeks before tops 2 million
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 21/05/2008, 08:42
It is very impressive how well it is still selling in others
Message | Report
FilaBrasileiro posted 21/05/2008, 01:45

I think it has more to do with all the extra cash he's making from vgchartz lol
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 18/05/2008, 10:44
ioi finally bought a PS3!

The allure of Prologue was too much for him.
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 18/05/2008, 09:07
The legs on this game in the EU are just amazing! GT5 will likely sell an insane amount of copies :D
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 18/05/2008, 08:46
Sony will ship plenty, and the game will reach 2 million without a sweat. There's really no question on this.
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 17/05/2008, 04:29
i dont think sony will keep shipping this game, because its a prologue, i think they have shipped, or will ship no more than 2 million or just over that, if it reaches 2 million thats absoultly superb, and gives u an idea how much of a game gt5 will be, it will be extremly huge
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 17/05/2008, 03:56
This should be able to make it to 2m. Others sales are staying strong, the question is whether the sales in the US can stay quite high
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 16/05/2008, 12:59
2 million could be a possibility afterall :D
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 14/05/2008, 04:26
This game is showing some really healthy sales, which is always a nice thing to see.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 13/05/2008, 07:57
1m in others!!
Message | Report
Fel_Br posted 13/05/2008, 01:45
EU people really like racing games
Message | Report
FaRmLaNd posted 12/05/2008, 01:57
GT5 will be massive when its launched. Prologue proves it.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 11/05/2008, 11:12
Over 3m LTD with downloads, over 2m disc sales
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 10/05/2008, 12:48
they should add downloads too now.
Message | Report
aspirin posted 09/05/2008, 09:42
2.23M including downloads
Message | Report
Hapimeses posted 09/05/2008, 09:19
Given Sony is reporting they've shipped 2.23 million units of GT5:P to date, it seems likely we've a lot of selling in this game yet. What's everyone's final prediction for this one?
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 08/05/2008, 08:26
Pretty good legs in others at the moment, with a very slow decline, I guess the bundle is helping there
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 07/05/2008, 07:51
Only a few games have reached 1m in others alone (AC, CoD 4, R, MS, GTA IV)
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 07/05/2008, 11:42
1 million in Others alone, nice one!
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 07/05/2008, 05:45
This game makes my eyes happy.
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 07/05/2008, 03:28
hehe you´re right about the japanese.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 07/05/2008, 12:16

No, Americans like downloads, the Japanese don't like the PS3, and Europeans love Gran Turismo.
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 05/05/2008, 03:13
America and Japan prefer downloads. Europe doesn´t.

Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 04/05/2008, 10:34
This should easily break 2 maybe even 3m including downloads
Message | Report
Aprisaiden posted 04/05/2008, 01:06
:P GT5:P > GT4:P.

and only 150k till it passes GT Toyko concept 2001.
Message | Report
PooperScooper posted 01/05/2008, 06:42
million seller in others in 2 maybe 3 weeks.
Message | Report
marcusz posted 30/04/2008, 10:19
This game is not very good, I fell for the Pre rendered graphics but the actual game graphics are average for next gen ..
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 26/04/2008, 08:22
WOW this must be a BIG success for them
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 25/04/2008, 03:55
2 million it´s possible only blu ray. with downloads already must be near that.
Message | Report
Daddo Splat posted 23/04/2008, 08:01
got it thru costco $35.00 online
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Aj_habfan posted 23/04/2008, 12:53
U.S. should sell a good 60k next week and 400k overall.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 22/04/2008, 10:11
Hopefully we will get some figures on the online sales at the Sony event in London, or at E3
Message | Report
Blaiyan posted 22/04/2008, 09:56
That's it? I was expecting more in U.S.
Message | Report
playnext3 posted 22/04/2008, 05:35
i wonder how big is the downloable verios of gt5p sales si?????
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Bladeneo posted 22/04/2008, 03:39
U.S numbers are likely lowerdue to online purchases. Obviously the onlinemarket is larger in the US than PAL and JP, so unless Sony release online figures we'll never know.

They probably should do really..
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Username2324 posted 22/04/2008, 03:17
I wonder if the US numbers are low because of stock, I can't find the game at my local stores, it's sold out.
Message | Report
YoppaDo posted 22/04/2008, 03:17
Did the numbers drop by like 100k? Pretty big drop really :(
Message | Report
Barozi posted 22/04/2008, 01:21
poor sales for US. I was minimum expecting 200.000
Message | Report
Aprisaiden posted 22/04/2008, 11:09
Its at 1.25 mill atm ... only 120k to pass GT4:P !
and 320k to pass GT: Concept 2001 Toyko...
Message | Report
chinmoku posted 22/04/2008, 08:52
Had expected more numbers for the US
Message | Report
MattAAron posted 22/04/2008, 04:55
Amazed how much Europe likes this game... or maybe how much America/Japan doesn't?

Just seems liek a large game between AMerica/Europe... but still really good numbers!
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 22/04/2008, 03:30
U.S. Numbers are in, but for some reason they have their own spread.
Message | Report
segajon posted 22/04/2008, 03:05
great legs in eu
Message | Report
Blaiyan posted 22/04/2008, 02:33
When do u.s. numbers come in?
Message | Report
Joeykanga posted 21/04/2008, 04:28
When is damage coming?
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Skeeuk posted 21/04/2008, 12:19

its safe to assume gt5 will be one of the top selling games ever, over 10million easily

i think gt5p will sell over 2million, which for a budget title is superb
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 20/04/2008, 02:40

I think he was meaning enough PS3's around for GT5P to sell 5 million!

GT5 will break the 10 million barrier so thats not a worry! :D
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viewsonic9 posted 20/04/2008, 01:03
@ DeadOnArrival06

When GT3 was released there were less than 10m PS2's sold yet it still sold well over 10m. There will be nearly double that amount of PS3's in the wild by the time GT5 is released so you can expect GT5 sales to be way more than 5m. I would be very surprised if it doesnt clear 10m.
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Shipping Total

5,350,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2017

Opinion (406)

Kerotan posted 11/08/2016, 01:29
Confirmed as over 5m!
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JustThatGamer posted 20/10/2013, 04:39
This game is almost as under-tracked as God of War III, both by well over 1 million units!
Message | Report
Turkish posted 17/05/2013, 12:01
undertracked by a million
Message | Report
Dallinor posted 16/05/2013, 07:27
Hopefully the numbers for this will be updated too.
Message | Report
Michael-5 posted 02/04/2013, 02:55
Watch out boys. I can perma-ban you off the game database. So no flame wars, and no "retard" comments.
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Fusioncode posted 29/01/2013, 02:19
4 million sales for a glorified demo, amazing.
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