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Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) > Opinions (129)

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Kerotan posted 01/11/2016, 06:54
The sales were adjusted down but it's still got plenty of legs left in it.
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Mike_L posted 23/09/2016, 02:26
Impressive sales indeed.

According to VGC it has now sold 55.6 mill copies across all platforms though Rockstar announced 65 mill shipped in May 2016. The 4th best selling game of all time behind Tetris (includes mobile sales), Minecraft (includes mobile sales) and Wii Sports (hardbundled with Wii).

PS3 version only needs 330k before it overtakes Kinect Adventures (21.81 mill) and becomes the best selling non-Nintendo SKU of 7th gen. Considering Kinect Adventures and Wii Sports came hard bundled with Kinect and Wii this is quite a feat.

What a comeback from my favorite console of all time. PS3!
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Dr.Vita posted 22/07/2016, 12:04
Best selling retail game ever on a Playstation platform!!!
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OneKartVita posted 10/02/2016, 04:06
Congrats on 21m. It will probably make it past 22m too!
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Shikamo posted 29/01/2016, 04:01
21 M!!! a Monster!!
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raulbalarezo posted 29/01/2016, 12:54
21 Million!!!!
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Rob5VGC posted 07/01/2016, 02:08
Passed San Andreas now.
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OneKartVita posted 23/11/2015, 02:59
This will pass out the San andreas ps2 and become the best selling gta sku ever. And that's without digital! Game was a monster on ps3 and the ps4 version now approaching 10m!
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Heavenly_King posted 11/08/2015, 02:22
Holy crap this game sold like crazy!
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Azhraell posted 29/07/2015, 06:51
Actually already did :^)
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darkenergy posted 25/07/2015, 02:55
Actually it will hit 20 million during the holiday season.
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NintendoSupporter<3 posted 20/07/2015, 12:19
Definitely won't hit 20 million..
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ExplodingBlock posted 26/05/2015, 05:16
Now that I look at it, I realize this sold as much as San Andreas with a little more than HALF the install base!!!!
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ExplodingBlock posted 26/05/2015, 05:15
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GdaTyler posted 17/03/2015, 11:57
Seems it won't hit 20M anytime soon. The saturation of GTA V is too high.
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Ninsect posted 09/01/2015, 12:27
Will become PS3's first and only 20m seller hopefully!
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czecherychestnut posted 21/12/2014, 01:26
Its just about hit an attach rate of 25%, that's crazy this late in the gen, especially when the number of active PS3's is probably far lower than the 86 million sold so far. So of the PS3's still in use it could well be hitting a 30% attach rate!
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TrevDaRev posted 19/12/2014, 07:35
19 million!!!
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TrevDaRev posted 18/12/2014, 02:59
Almost 8 million in Europe.
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Kerotan posted 14/12/2014, 01:59
i should have joined this site years ago and predicted a PS3 game would sell over 20M retail. Would have been the call of the century. I remember 10M looked a tough ask for a PS3 game
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TrevDaRev posted 27/11/2014, 06:29
On the week of this games current-gen debut, the PS3 version still managed to sell over 52k.
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Yafea posted 27/11/2014, 05:59
20 million by the end of the year.
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TrevDaRev posted 23/11/2014, 03:37

Yes. It was adjusted up.
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Ninsect posted 05/11/2014, 05:00
Did it get an adjustment because I'm sure I wouldn't have said 18.5m back in late Sept if it was at something like 18m lol. Now it looks like 19-19.5m is the range
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Kerotan posted 04/10/2014, 04:46
Ninsect it's at 18.5 already and we still have October, November and December sales to come. Could we be seeing it hit 20m by years end? With digital sales it surely will. And it might get a little boost from the advertising campaign GTA 5 on the PS4/X1 will get.
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iceland posted 02/10/2014, 07:18
wow, best selling game on PS3 by quite a bit...

Good job Rockstar! Can't feel sorry for CoD xD
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Ninsect posted 16/09/2014, 06:11
Will reach at least 18.5m this year, possibly 19m depending on how the next gen release affects it.
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Yafea posted 04/09/2014, 09:06
20 millions will be the next milestone for this game.
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TrevDaRev posted 03/09/2014, 10:38
Would be awesome if this made it to 1 million in Japan. PS4 version will cut into it's sales, but still, fingers crossed it makes it.
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DitchPlaya posted 19/08/2014, 06:31
Glad to see a Western game selling so well in Japan, this gen has done a lot for them.
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Mr Puggsly posted 08/08/2014, 05:33
This version actually sold better in Europe. I find that surprising considering its not a soccer game.
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TrevDaRev posted 02/06/2014, 10:30
1 million so far this year.
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Aqsin posted 23/05/2014, 10:47
Wait for E3, and GTAV for ps4!
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Dgc1808 posted 19/05/2014, 08:55
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Ganoncrotch posted 13/05/2014, 02:13
when you look at how neck and neck the numbers for GTA4 were on the Xbox360/PS3 it is crazy to see how many people have shifted over to the PS3 at the end of its life if it was for the free access to online services or just 360s not living through the whole generation, seeing this game outselling its 360 version by at least 4 million is a pretty telling story.

Just noticed it is also the number 1 selling game on the ps3 that... is something else, rockstar really done everything they could both in game with content and with the marketing of this to make it a true AAA+ game.
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mind posted 10/05/2014, 04:20
drake_tolu, I'm pretty sure it sold at least 2m copies on PC(vg is under and physical only), and GTA 5 could sell even more than 3m, but the thing is, "copies" on PC are meaningless, since the average price of them are almost 1,5 times lower than the average price of the console ones, in this perspective, there is no point to release GTA 5 on PC and not release it at least on PS4, on PC, if it comes out right now, it'd hardly sell even a 1m physical copies for a lower price until the end of the year, on PS4, on the other hand, it definitely sell at least 2m by the end of the year for a higher price, is all this "Rockstar philosophy" really worth it? I think even on XB1 they could make much more money than on PC.
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drake_tolu posted 09/05/2014, 06:22
GTA IV on PC have sold only 800,000, so 1,000,000 is a good prediction. ;)
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pezus posted 04/05/2014, 01:20
1m on PC? Lol, this thing would beast on it
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drake_tolu posted 08/04/2014, 05:37
30 milion X360 and PS3... for me, if coming on PC, will sold +1milion, and or me in total sold 35-40 milion!!!!!
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chase123 posted 26/03/2014, 07:59
30.63 million sales on two platforms!amazing!just think of the digital sales that have not been counted.
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la_lal_la23 posted 22/03/2014, 10:11
Feeling bored of GTA Online? Try Multi Theft Auto - free multiplayer mod for GTA San Andreas! mtasa.com
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Aqsin posted 20/03/2014, 05:40
Remember GTA V in PS Network was/is the best selling game ever so probably 20 mln is beat:P
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SnowPrince posted 20/03/2014, 12:43
17M !!!!!
This could easily get 25M, it didn't even complete its first year, a beast !!
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Azhraell posted 19/03/2014, 09:38
The legs of GTA4 were very decent in japan. This might be a million seller, amazing. 17 millions already!
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Aqsin posted 19/03/2014, 09:19
Yep they official beat 17 millions;]
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fluky-nintendy posted 11/03/2014, 10:25
Japanese numbers, that beast!
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Aqsin posted 11/03/2014, 08:36
Yeah its almost 17 millions, nice:D I think with digital sells there will be 20 mln units.
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TrevDaRev posted 11/03/2014, 01:57
17 million next week.
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TrevDaRev posted 05/03/2014, 12:39
@dsage01 I hadn't looked at it's week one for awhile! 9.1 million? Bloody hell. Now that's a record that's going to be really hard to top. Also if you factor in its Digital sales, its first week could be close to 10 million. If not over it.
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dsage01 posted 02/03/2014, 05:43
17 million in 2 weeks more weeks. Remember when people though Halo 3 selling 4M in its first week on one platform was a record that couldn't ever be touched? GTA V 9.1 million first week and 17 million in 5 months..holy fucking god. Deserves all these sales. Easily one of the best games ever.
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GdaTyler posted 02/03/2014, 12:05
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TrevDaRev posted 27/02/2014, 07:02
Fucking hell! These spam posts are getting out of hand. Surely there must be a way for these kinds of posts to be deleted?
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withdreday posted 22/02/2014, 07:19
The fact that the Japanese, a gamer base who traditionally shun western games, are buying into this, it just speaks to this game's quality and mass appeal.

It just might hit 20 million on PS3 alone before it's all said and done.
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Porta12 posted 04/02/2014, 04:20
Grand Theft Auto V finished as the best-selling video game of 2013.* To date, Grand Theft Auto V has sold-in more than 32.5 million units.


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GamingGuy1802 posted 26/01/2014, 12:31
Go Japan sales!! I was really shocked in Japan that there sale performance is really really good!! (not including Japan 360 sales because 360 is not popular in Japan)
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pezus posted 25/01/2014, 02:04
I'm not sure exactly. Maybe 700k-1.2m both versions combined
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Zax posted 23/01/2014, 12:56
How much was it adjusted down by?
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pezus posted 22/01/2014, 02:04
Looks like it was adjusted down by quite a bit. They're now at only about 29.65m combined :o
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Porta12 posted 12/01/2014, 08:39
Happen 30 million GTA5 Both PS3/360 sales together If they count Xbox Live Game on Demand GTA5 and GTA5 PSN it would be 32 million....GTA5 beat call of duty modern warfare 3 sales(best selling COD), GTA5 best selling GTA Game to date,

GTA5 is between 4th-6th best selling game of time as right now, Best Selling PS3 and 360 Game.
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LightandSound posted 11/01/2014, 06:02
Phenomenal... Already surpassed GTA Vice City in sales. 20 million is within striking distance (3.81 million away) so hopefully legs don't falter for 2014.
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Azhraell posted 11/01/2014, 04:17
If they don't release a next-gen version, this could top Gta san andreas just with the Ps3 version. Insane...
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sabestar posted 08/01/2014, 07:03
Very impressive numbers, about time we saw a quality game on top of the sales charts.
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TrevDaRev posted 08/01/2014, 12:13
16 million done and dusted. Onwards to 20.
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Aqsin posted 07/01/2014, 10:58
nice 16 mln copies;d
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Assassinsfan posted 07/01/2014, 09:46
If only it were a good game.
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JustThatGamer posted 07/01/2014, 09:10
Holy crap, look at these sales! Amazing.
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The_God_of_War posted 07/01/2014, 09:08
By the great scrotum of Tony Danza, those are some impressive numbers.
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Aqsin posted 03/01/2014, 12:10
29.01m, 0.99 to the destination;] Waiting for the information about sells from R*.
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dsage01 posted 31/12/2013, 02:22
Best. Game. Ever
Message | Report
pezus posted 29/12/2013, 08:39
"Also on: Xbox 360, Xbox One"


28.12m sold and still 2.5 sales weeks remaining of the year. I called 30m before the end of the year, didn't I? Only 1.88m left and it sold 800k this week. Will likely sell close to a million next week, and then another 700-800k or so and finally something like 250-300k. All of this will add up to 2.75m-2.90m MORE sales before the end of the year, or 30.87-31.02m life-to-date. I can see it reach up to 40m even without next gen or PC versions.
Message | Report
Aqsin posted 29/12/2013, 04:48
wow 28,12mln copies sell in 2 platforms and remember without digital sells:D I think with digital now game could sell 32 million copies. In VGC we still have 2 weeks to end of year, and there will be christmast time so 1-2 mln copies more:D
Message | Report
Salnax posted 29/12/2013, 03:41
Happy 15 million! Can this game sell 2 million more across platforms by year's end?
Message | Report
fatslob-:O posted 25/12/2013, 10:13
I'm extremely impressed with it's performance in japan. It might actually be the first western game to hit a million there.
Message | Report
Salnax posted 17/12/2013, 01:10
Combined sales of this game are now about 26 and 3/4 of a million. Only about 3.2 million or so is necessary to reach a full whopping 30 million. Even if GTA5 barely misses that number in 2013, it should easily reach it in January.
Message | Report
TrevDaRev posted 17/12/2013, 01:05
15 million next week.
Message | Report
Porta12 posted 15/12/2013, 05:20
*GTA5 will sell 30 million before year end
Message | Report
Porta12 posted 15/12/2013, 05:19
My though

GTA5 PS3+PSN Digital Sales 16+ million
GTA5 360+GTA5 XBL Game on Demand 13 million

GTA5 sold 29 million copies, Soon it sell more than COD:MW 3 which has 30 million, GTA5 outsold San Andrea and GTA4, Most Pre-Order Video Game 7 million, Fastest Selling Video Game in 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month etc, Fastest Gross Profit in Entertainment, GTA5 will sell 30 million units in 3 months, It will 3rd best selling game of all time, It still average 300,000-400,000 units a week
Message | Report
Turkish posted 13/12/2013, 09:17
Too bad vgc doesnt track digital sales.
Message | Report
Lynx_7 posted 12/12/2013, 04:52
You also have to take digital sales into consideration. I wouldn't be surprised if the PS3 version has already sold like 16 million+.
Message | Report
TrevDaRev posted 26/11/2013, 11:58
14 million next week. The PS3 version might actually sell over 20 million copies.
Message | Report
pezus posted 12/11/2013, 10:24
Incredible sales. 15m by the end of the year easily. Wouldn't be surprised if it hits 16m
Message | Report
Salnax posted 12/11/2013, 04:52
That... was very impressive. Not only the best selling PS3 game of all time, but the fourth best-selling HD console game of all time, and #31 of ALL time. And by the end of the year, it will almost certainly reach 15 million, outselling every non-Kinect Adventures HD game and ending up at #26. This could easily end around 20 million for the PS3 alone, which could put it in the Top 20.

Now for the interesting part: can this game's success come at the expense of 8th generation consoles?
Message | Report
StreaK posted 06/11/2013, 04:43
Haha, I'm shocked to actually admit I am so happy about these GTAV numbers. Why??? Because dammit like many others have already stated it ACTUALLY - OMG!!! - deserves the sales and the impressive review scores. No matter what, GTA is the winner this year and NOT that lame CoD game lol. GTA = respect!! CoD = jokes!!!!
Message | Report
eFKac posted 31/10/2013, 07:29
Hehe already the best selling PS3 game :D well done Rockstar, kudos.
Message | Report
dsage01 posted 31/10/2013, 07:12
Outsold MW3 in 5 weeeks flat and is now the best selling game of all time on the PS3...I'm stunned. It deserved every sale.
Message | Report
Ganoncrotch posted 26/10/2013, 08:58
1 more week of sales and GTA5 should be the top selling ps3 game of the generation. A damn fine achievement that not many a gamer could argue isn't where it belongs.
Message | Report
tontus posted 25/10/2013, 02:59
Holy shit, knew the game was going to be huge but not this big! Should sell15m-16m on PS3 and 13m-14m pn 360 by the end of the year, if it can pass 30m combined by the end of the year, just wow. And that's just at retail! I want to know the digital sales. I still need to buy this game.
Message | Report
Azhraell posted 22/10/2013, 09:04
I wasn't expecting that gap with x360 version. At this rate, Sony will recover the domination of ps2 days with ps4
Message | Report
Ganoncrotch posted 21/10/2013, 12:51
If both disks of the xbox360 version are installed on the harddrive it takes away the bandwidth which Rockstar have managed to squeeze out of it's hardware by taking files from both the hdd and the disk simultaneously this just is not possible with a GoD version since it would be 100% from the harddrive... well sure it would be possible but you would have atrocious texture load times and popin would ruin the experience as many who installed both disks experienced on Day1.

yeah I don't doubt that for a second, considering this game was sold out at retail and the psn version of it is so easily attainable I'd be shocked if it wasn't over the million mark.
Message | Report
GameAnalyser posted 20/10/2013, 09:20
Europe PSN downloads have always been a major contributing factor and tracking seems to have gone out as well, for the final adjustment up.
Message | Report
Turkish posted 20/10/2013, 05:18
VGchatz doesn't track downloads, GTA V was day 1 digital download on PSN. Probably a few million there too.
Message | Report
Porta12 posted 20/10/2013, 05:11
PlayStation 3 500GB GTA5 Bundle for $269 U.S sold crazy people brought it just for GTA5 and maybe couple other games.
Message | Report
ps3-sales! posted 20/10/2013, 04:42
adjusted up?
Message | Report
late_release posted 18/10/2013, 09:04
outsold Xbox version? that was unexpected!
Message | Report
-CraZed- posted 15/10/2013, 06:37
So coming to Xbox One in 2014, VGChartz?
Message | Report
DemoniOtaku posted 14/10/2013, 12:22
wow, already surpassed X360 selss without Japan's share?.. Fun thing is that one 2analist"said that this game between two versions would sell 23 in the first year, already reached that in one month XD
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Total Sales
1 n/a 2,527,111 4,838,000 1,662,907 9,028,018
2 n/a 530,438 883,707 327,166 1,741,311
3 n/a 256,996 530,316 175,471 962,783
4 341,400 153,654 278,394 98,491 871,939
5 86,935 105,709 189,961 67,499 450,104
6 50,132 78,157 151,747 51,782 331,818
7 33,102 59,812 107,915 38,263 239,092
8 28,690 53,793 82,245 31,955 196,683
9 21,374 41,240 92,559 29,396 184,569
10 14,926 62,737 91,390 36,515 205,568

Opinion (129)

Kerotan posted 01/11/2016, 06:54
The sales were adjusted down but it's still got plenty of legs left in it.
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Mike_L posted 23/09/2016, 02:26
Impressive sales indeed.

According to VGC it has now sold 55.6 mill copies across all platforms though Rockstar announced 65 mill shipped in May 2016. The 4th best selling game of all time behind Tetris (includes mobile sales), Minecraft (includes mobile sales) and Wii Sports (hardbundled with Wii).

PS3 version only needs 330k before it overtakes Kinect Adventures (21.81 mill) and becomes the best selling non-Nintendo SKU of 7th gen. Considering Kinect Adventures and Wii Sports came hard bundled with Kinect and Wii this is quite a feat.

What a comeback from my favorite console of all time. PS3!
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Dr.Vita posted 22/07/2016, 12:04
Best selling retail game ever on a Playstation platform!!!
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OneKartVita posted 10/02/2016, 04:06
Congrats on 21m. It will probably make it past 22m too!
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Shikamo posted 29/01/2016, 04:01
21 M!!! a Monster!!
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raulbalarezo posted 29/01/2016, 12:54
21 Million!!!!
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