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America - Front

America - Back

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Alternative Names

ゴーストリコン ワイルドランズ


Ubisoft Paris



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PC, XOne, All

Release Dates

03/07/17 Ubisoft
03/08/17 Ubisoft
03/07/17 Ubisoft

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - Summary

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands™ takes place in the expansive, gritty and vibrant backdrop of Bolivia, South America. The influential and vicious Santa Blanca Mexican drug Cartel has turned the country into a narco-state, leading to lawlessness, fear, injustice and violence.

You are sent behind the enemy lines as a member of The Ghosts, a legendary US Elite Special Operations team, to create chaos that will destabilize and eventually break the alliance between the Santa Blanca cartel and the corrupted government.

Become A Ghost

Bolivia has become the largest cocaine producer in the world. The vicious Santa Blanca drug cartel has turned the country into a narco-state, leading to fear, injustice, and violence. The Ghosts, a legendary US Elite Special Operations team, is sent behind enemy lines to wreak havoc and break alliances between the cartel and the corrupted government.

A Massive Open World

From the infamous Death Road to the iconic salt flat, journey through the expansive, gritty, and vibrant backdrop of Bolivia, South America. Explore the mountains, deserts, rainforests, or hundreds of villages and landmarks in one of many available vehicles.

Total Freedom of Choice

Engage all your missions in whatever order or manner suits you. The world will react differently to each of your choices: unexpected opportunities and threats could arise from any situation. Manipulate the system. Manipulate the unexpected.

Sales History

Total Sales
1 90,413 308,042 425,207 175,390 999,052
2 29,309 96,454 118,464 52,482 296,709
3 19,665 55,677 55,489 28,155 158,986
4 13,151 42,501 39,594 21,033 116,279
5 8,247 30,791 33,044 15,961 88,043
6 5,995 25,049 29,190 13,368 73,602
7 4,733 29,783 23,277 13,997 71,790
8 3,543 21,163 22,503 10,936 58,145
9 3,044 15,517 19,321 8,487 46,369
10 2,938 13,320 18,104 7,537 41,899

Opinion (4)

Radek posted 15/04/2017, 03:47
Great opening for another very mediocre Ubisoft game.
Huge world and good graphics, but very bland and repetitive gameplay and map full of icons.
So standard Ubisoft quality. Too bad gems like Nier Automata didn't get more sales.
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xboxonefan posted 15/04/2017, 03:12
1 million
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darkneal posted 15/04/2017, 02:03
wow, great opening.
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pastro243 posted 15/04/2017, 08:16
Another million seller for ps4
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