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Rhythm Paradise Megamix

Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus





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06/15/16 Nintendo
06/11/15 Nintendo
10/21/16 Nintendo

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Rhythmic gaming bliss, goats eating turnips, and the funkiest tunes you’ve ever bashed a button to? This must be the Rhythm Heaven Megamix. With 70+ rhythm games, including new ones, remixed fan-favorites, and US debuts, this fresh mix has it all. Try to reach Heaven World as you stab viruses, feed a bear, and more! Just don't miss a beat.

As you dig into each hilariously random activity, you'll get pulled into the world of Rhythm Heaven by the riveting soundtrack, created with help from legendary music producer, Tsunku. Hang out in a café to check out new rhythm games and chat with a drink-serving dog. Or feed your pet goat using a turnip-powered game machine! You can even visit a museum to enjoy the game's music and artwork. In the party mood? Then team up with three other players to take down challenges. Every time you encounter a player via the StreetPass feature, you'll do battle with their punching robot. It's time to kick back! Heaven World is just a few head bops away.

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PAOerfulone posted 06/03/2016, 07:33
Well, looks like you guys got your wish? This game is in fact coming to the West. :)
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Darwinianevolution posted 29/02/2016, 08:11
When is this one coming to the West, Nintendo? It's a rythm game, localising has got to be easy.
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kooltrex posted 20/01/2016, 11:06
American release when?!?
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NintendoPie posted 15/07/2015, 04:00
I'd totally pick this up if it was localized. Never played the other entries in the series, but I've always been interested.
On another note, hopefully this will have long legs.
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Skullwaker posted 15/07/2015, 03:58
This game's name needs to be updated. It's called Rhythm Heaven: The Best+. Hopefully it gets localized!
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Ganoncrotch posted 09/07/2015, 02:09
Want this so badly. Love this series of games. The DS one is just pure gold if anyone hasn't had the chance to enjoy it yet, can be gotten for about 2euros too, best 2 euros you'll ever spend.
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